Back To School the Green Goo Way

See our picks for Back To School shopping + save on the essentials.
Back To School the Green Goo Way

The new school year is just around the corner. Green Goo has you covered with everything you need to prep your family for the first day back with our specially curated Back To School collection. The collection includes:

Hand Sanitizer

Green Goo's Lavender, Lemon Zest, Wildcraft, and Unscented Hand Sanitizers in sustainable sugarcane squeeze tubes on a chalkboard backdrop next to school supplies including a backpack, pencils, scissors, pens, wristbands, and a Green Goo-branded notebook now available only in the Back To School Essentials Kit

We get it: kids can be kind of gross in all their self-exploration and worldly adventures — and you can't exactly hose them down before they get in the car. That's why our Back to School collection includes our FDA-approved, WHO-compliant gel hand sanitizer made with ethyl alcohol. While nothing is as good as at least 20 seconds of handwashing with soap and water, a 2007 article in the American Journal of Nursing found that alcohol-based gel sanitizers, like those we supply, performed better than their liquid hand rub counterparts during hygiene compliance tests. From travel-sized, 100% recyclable squeeze tubes that you can throw in your purse to one-gallon pump bottles that you can donate to your child's classroom, we've got the high-performing sanitizer you need.

Save $1 on 3 oz. sanitizer, 25% on unscented sanitizer, & 25% on 1 oz. 10-packs

First Aid

Cuts and scrapes are a normal part of growing up, but sometimes playground fun gone awry requires wound care. That's why we've included our First Aid Salve and Children's First Aid Salve in this collection. These mighty jars are packed with natural, plant-based ingredients to manage everything from cracked hands to sunburns, and they have the power to replace more than 20 traditional first aid items so that you can travel lighter. Additionally, Green Goo donates one percent of our annual sales of Children's First Aid Salve to support World Vision's Mother and Child Health Fund.

Get First Aid & three more Green Goo heroes in convenient tubes for 30% off

Lip Balm

Green Goo's Citrus Zest, Cool Mint, and Sweet Honey lip balms laying on a tropically floral makeup pouch

Whether your fall scenery turns to tundra by October, hits 105 degrees in December, or is sunny and 75 degrees 11 months out of the year, chapped lips can happen to any of us. But our lip balms don't just soothe and heal cracks; they also provide natural sun protection and use ingredients that nourish your skin while they moisturize.


As much as we love them, sometimes our dear children stink (we're looking at you, parents of pre-teens and teens). And in these cases, investing in an effective deodorant can feel like an act of self-preservation as much as a kindness to others. Enter: Green Goo's Plants For Your Pits. Our soothing and moisturizing deodorants are aluminum-free and vegan and come in various scents to align with any preference. We suggest one for their workout bag, one for their backpack, one for their bathroom, and one for the bedroom. Then they have to use it, right?


Green Goo's Solar Goo SPF30 Sunscreen in .6 oz. jumbo stick on a yellow, sun-patterned pouch

Exposure accounts for nearly 90% of all damage to our skin, contributing to things like aging and skin cancer. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends applying water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 when spending time outdoors. Like all our products, Solar Goo offers a plant-based alternative to similar items on the market. This water-resistant, broad-spectrum SPF 30 is petroleum-free and chemical-free, and made of just seven natural ingredients. It's designed to provide your kids with 40 minutes of fun in the sun (more than enough time for recess!) before needing to reapply.

Topical Decongestant

There are extra considerations around staying healthy and safe beyond hand sanitizer and soap. We're parents, too, so we know all too well that back-to-school also means back-to-germs because our kids share everything. We've included our Free To Breathe Salve in this collection so, if someone does happen to catch catch the cold flu, you can get them back to feeling more like themselves sooner. This powerful balm uses calendula, eucalyptus, and peppermint oils to open up your nasal passages and ease congestion.

When you choose Green Goo products, you're choosing Plants With Purpose. You can rest easy knowing that your family uses only the gentlest, most natural solutions available for everything in your day-to-day life.

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