Can Lip Balm Be Self Care?

Switching to a better lip balm is a simple way of taking an everyday thing and changing it from possibly harmful to good for you body--and your smile!
Can Lip Balm Be Self Care?

How many lip balm sticks do you think you own? It seems like those little tubes are everywhere! We have one or two in the console of the car, a couple in the junk drawer, and there’s probably one in the bottom of every purse and backpack in the house. Then there’s the lip balm by the keys, the bedside table, and in the bathroom. And of course everyone has their favorite, so multiply times that. It's something we use every day--several times a day--and it’s something you want handy when you need it.

If you’re going to use anything that often, and on your face, we think it should be made of the best, most effective ingredients possible. Turns out some of the best-selling lip balms are made of mostly petroleum byproducts and harmful chemicals. What you get from that kind of ingredients list is a lip covering, some artificial scent/taste, and not much else. Some of these ingredients can actually damage your lips or make them drier, leaving you stuck in a painful cycle. In those instances, the thing that is supposed to be helping you is actually causing harm.

Cleaner Ingredients, Fuller Lips

Green Goo's lip balm, by contrast, is mostly plants, but not just any plants. These are some of the most nutrient-rich, complex botanicals on the planet: calendula, sunflower, jojoba seed oil, and olive oil. They protect your lips, for sure, but that’s just the beginning. These ingredients can soothe, help mend dry and damaged lips, and hydrate and moisturize. Plus, they’re delivering vitamins and minerals right where you need them for a healthier smile.

That’s not even the half of it! Peppermint can make your lips look fuller naturally, coconut oil has a bit of natural sun protection to it, and beeswax comes with its own amazing array of fatty acids, vitamins, and esters. Our lip balm doesn’t just cover: it’s Food For Your Skin!

Self Care? Yes.

That’s why we believe using the right lip balm can be self care, too. With a lip balm like ours, you’re doing more than just covering your kissers with a stinky, not-so-harmless petroleum jelly. You’re making a proactive choice to protect and care for your lips and enrich your smile all-naturally with amazing, proven, organic herbs and plant oils.

And our lip balm really works, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Our customers love it, too.

Heather said: “I use lip balm constantly. I have one in my car, room, kitchen, purse etc. With this stuff I can go hours without needing to reapply! I buy 10-12 at a time to stock up . . .

Carrie said: “Super smooth. Long lasting too. Feels good on my body, and feels good to my heart to support this small business.

And Courtney said: “I can use this without my lips feeling overly greasy and it doesn't soak in super fast, making me feel like I need to constantly apply it. I have used this on very chapped lips and it helped heal them quickly and I still use it for daily use.

A More Natural Alternative

Switching to a better lip balm is such a simple way to take something you’re already doing several times a day and change it from possibly harmful to good for your body and your smile!

That’s what we do at Green Goo. We’re revolutionizing personal care by taking your everyday products and asking them to do more. Join us and make the change. Expect more from the products you use most!

P.S. Just out of curiosity, how many lip balms do you own? We checked the discussion boards online and some folks said they had more than 20!

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