Strong Women, Strong World - Meeting even more people that are changing the world!

Co-Founder & CEO Jodi Scott had the opportunity to go to World Vision’s Strong Women Strong World event recently in New York City.
Strong Women, Strong World - Meeting even more people that are changing the world!

One of our founders, Jodi Scott, had the opportunity to go to World Vision’s Strong Women Strong World event recently in New York City. “Strong Women Strong World was established to equip and empower philanthropists to be a voice for women and girls. They’re a community committed to mobilizing others to come together to empower women and girls to live life in all its fullness.”

Jodi brought some of her family along to run our table top, meet with these incredible philanthropists and entrepreneurs, and learn more about the issues and how we are tackling them together to make lasting change across the planet. We are so proud to get to know so many amazing people spreading goodness and empowering change around the globe. 

As you can imagine, an event like this is full of teary moments and calls to action. The family came back inspired and activated. In case you didn’t know, we are proud to donate 1% of the annual sales of our Baby Balm and Children’s First Aid salves to World Vision in support of their Mother and Child Health Fund.

Here are a few notes from Jodi as she was traveling:

World Vision has built Strong Women Strong World because research shows that if you can take care of women, who are often the caregivers and providers for the family, then you can have the greatest impact on the entire family's success and their ability to live healthier lives. This effort not only provides clean water and food, but also vitamins and nutrition for breastfeeding mothers so they can feed their newborns. They also provide safe places for children to play and learn and safe places for women to develop economic opportunities, for example making baskets to sell. 

Attending this annual event is beyond empowering. First, before the lunch takes place, we have a table top where we sell our Goodness holiday boxes along with multiple women-founded businesses that support World Vision in some capacity and sell products that have a positive impact. We not only enjoy spreading goodness with our plant-based first aid products, but we love doing our holiday shopping with these amazing humans and supporting their impactful companies. 

One company, Lovishly, adopted 10 children! As a family that has many adopted children and is multicultural, we are excited to share these lovely gifts with family and friends. Kira, our daughter, operated the table top visiting with many World Vision sponsors which gives our daughter a real interactive opportunity to witness the impact of our products and philanthropic efforts.

Then the amazing four-course lunch began! While eating this delicious and thoughtful lunch, the speakers began sharing their World Vision efforts. The videos they brought made us laugh, cry, and feel the change that is happening. Key sponsors also shared their stories and showed footage from their mission trips. Then the CEO shared his mission trips and overall vision going forward. Wé McDonald sang (Yes, the one from The Voice!) and if you haven't seen her perform, take the time to search her videos—she is a force. By the time the event ended, we had a bag full of impactful holiday gifts, a heart full of gratitude for the incredible meal, and another year’s worth of inspiration from World Vision and their endless efforts to help so many. Most of all, we are personally motivated to do more helping others around the world.

If you want to find out more about World Vision’s amazing work and how you can help, Click here. It’s incredible what we can do together!

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