Turn it off, go outside, and take a breath

Turn it off, go outside, and take a breath

If you’re anything like us you’re probably staring at a device or screen (we know you are right now) most of the day. And whether you’re busy at work, on social media, or watching the news it’s probably adding stress to your life. This week, more than most, has probably been hard on all of us. 

So, with that in mind we have a suggestion:
Turn that device off, go outside, and take a deep breath.


Go for a walk. Get to a park. You’ll feel better, not only because you’ll be quieting the noise, but because you’ll be refocusing attention. Need more convincing? There are plenty of documented health benefits to just stepping outside your front door or you could add a walk through some nature and gain even more stress-relief. 

Get outside

Just being outside in the sun can help raise your vitamin D levels, which can help fight depression. Sun light can also help improve your mood. 

Spend time with nature

You can take it to the next level by finding some nature. Even a small park will do. Studies have shown that folks who spend time among the plants and trees have reduced stress, reduced mental fatigue, and reduced inflammation. 

Take a walk

Add in a little walk and now you’re improving your mood and digestion while you burn calories. Walking regularly can help boost your immune system, help you live longer, and even reduce your risk of chronic disease. 

Of better yet, go for a hike

And if you really want to change your health and outlook, take up hiking. It combines all of the benefits mentioned above and adds a few more like increased balance, bone density, and cardio. For me though, the gifts hiking offers always come along the way; things like an incredible field of wildflowers, a clumsy river crossing, or just getting to see wildlife in the places they call home. 


I’m not saying become a hiker overnight. Maybe today is a day to just stand in the sun for a bit and take some deep breaths. I am saying that if you only do that, but you start now and do it every day, your mood should begin to improve and days like these will get easier to deal with. 


We don’t want to sound like a broken record, but drink lots of water. Eat your veggies or take those vitamins or both. Try to get some sleep. I can’t even tell you how many deep breaths I’ve taken in the last month. It’s like Kathy says though, change and chaos are a fact of life. All we really have control over is how we deal with that. 

So with that in mind, please remember, the world needs the wonderful that is you. Be kind to yourself, and maybe get outside for a bit. 

Have a great weekend!

The Green Goo Crew

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