Welcome to Green Goo's Season of Goodness

Welcome to Green Goo's Season of Goodness

Ok, so, we have a lot to cover! Forgive us for our excitement but this is a big deal for us. Over the next two months, Green Goo is going to be doing as much as we can to Spread Goodness, including giving away $100,000 in products!

Let's start with the Pay it Forward $100K product giveaway

We're really excited about this and working together to Pay it Forward and recognize some wonderful organizations and hometown heroes.

How it works:
Each week, Green Goo is giving away 100 gallons of hand sanitizer. We’re going to split that gift between organizations that you nominate and organizations that the team here at Green Goo has nominated. 

How do you nominate an organization? 
By entering to win a gift basket for yourself! 

That’s right, simply sign up for our SMS text messages, and you'll automatically be entered to win one of our weekly Green Goo product assortment giveaways worth over $500. If your name is chosen, not only are you the lucky recipient of some amazing all-natural products, but you then get the opportunity to Pay it Forward by nominating a group of nurses, or a school, or a local business in your area. We’ll reach out to them, let them know about your nomination, and ensure they have enough hand sanitizer to continue the heroic work they are doing.

You win, they win, and we all get to Spread some Goodness!!!

Then there are the sales!

We'll have at least two sales a week through the Season of Goodness, but we're sticking to our Wednesday and Friday schedule for announcements so we don't clog your inboxes with every marketing opportunity on the calendar. We love a good deal, especially during the holidays, but it's become a bit overwhelming and ridiculous and we all know it's not what the season is about. We think we can Spread Goodness by doing a bit less. If you want the latest news, keep your eyes out for those two weekly emails or like and follow us on social media (@GreenGooHelps).

And we have some amazing blogs to share!

We're super excited about the blogs we have coming up too. Somehow we convinced the founders, the family, and some of the Green Goo Crew to do some storytelling, reflect on the year, and/or talk a bit about what inspires them.

This is a rare glimpse into the lives of the fine folks who created Green Goo and those who have helped build it along the way. From what we can tell, it's going to be a fun couple of months getting to know them better and reading their stories. 

We're also giving away a bottle of bath salt with each $50 purchase on GreenGoo.com for the entire Season of Goodness!

We wanted to add a little peace to your holiday season and what better way than with a calming bath that nourishes your skin and rejuvenates your spirit. Our bath salts are all-natural, made with mineral rich sea salts, and come in a wonderful variety of scents.

Bonus: When you purchase $50 worth of Green Goo, you'll get free shipping too!  

We’re in this together. Why not Spread Goodness?

Let's focus our intention and our efforts on pushing joy into the world, on helping each other, on what we can do right now. We’re excited to see what we accomplish together and to end this year with goodness in our hearts.

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