The Plant-Based Natural Baby Wash You Have to Try in 2020

The Plant-Based Natural Baby Wash You Have to Try in 2020

When you have a baby, you naturally only want the best for them. That goes for all things you’ll use for or on them, including soap – after all, you don’t want to wash your baby with subpar soap that might cause an allergic reaction or make them uncomfortable.

However, tons of baby soaps are made with synthetic chemicals or other potentially harmful products these days, including parabens, which are known to be carcinogenic. Even soaps that don’t use those ingredients might be made with animal fats, which can be discomforting to use for vegans and which might not agree with an infant’s skin, especially if they’re allergic or have skin sensitivity. 

Here at Green Goo, we’re dedicated to taking the power of plants and using their nourishing properties to make the best all natural self care salves, soaps, washes, and more, and among all of those plant-based formulas, is our Unscented Castile Soap Baby Wash

Green Goo’s Unscented Castile Soap Baby Wash

If you’ve used any of our other all-natural castile soaps, you’ll notice the similarities. Our Baby Wash is made of nourishing plant-based ingredients, so it’s nontoxic to the skin. This baby wash has a few other notable benefits that make it a perfect option for your little one and their sensitive skin.

In a nutshell, this soap is:

  • Fragrance-free, so you don't need to worry about allergic reactions or artificial perfumes irritating your baby’s skin
  • Made with all-natural plant oils, just like our other castile soaps, including aloe vera for soothing and moisturizing 

All told, it’s a cleansing, gentle soap that’s perfect for washing the sensitive and easily irritated skin of any infant.

But like other castile soaps, it can also pull double duty as a hand soap, stain remover, laundry detergent, bath soap, and even a pet shampoo! There’s no limit to what you can use this all-natural baby wash for!

What is Castile Soap? 

Let’s back up for a moment. What if you don’t know what a castile soap is, and why you should use one at all, let alone for one of the most precious things you’ve ever seen?

A castile soap is merely an all-natural soap made with plant oils instead of animal fat. This provides it with the same cleaning properties as traditional soap products, but without the artificiality or harshness of standard cleaning chemicals. 

For example, animal fat-based soaps or soaps with chemical ingredients can be too intense for the skin, meaning you can only use them in specific contexts, such as never using a laundry detergent to wash your hands. Furthermore, such soaps are generally really toxic if you throw them out on your lawn or on plants, and they can be deadly if ingested by accident (a real hazard with babies and pets in the household).

Castile soaps don’t have these dangers. They’re made with all-natural ingredients and are totally eco-friendly, meaning that it doesn’t matter if you throw some castile water into the grass after giving your pup a bath. On that note, it’s a great pet shampoo because your pet can ingest a little bit when they go to lick their coat (as they’re bound to do) and won’t face the same risks as they may face ingesting shampoos or washes with artificial chemicals. 

All in all, castile soap is an excellent alternative to other soaps, for more than one reason!

How Does Castile Soap Work, Exactly? 

Castile soap works exactly the same as other soap products. Basically, the soap molecules (again, derived from natural plant oils instead of animal fat) have one side of their molecular structure that repels water, while the other side attracts it. The resulting chain reaction means that any non-water-soluble dirt, grime, or other debris attach to the soap molecules and are easily rinsed away with warm water.

As a result, castile soaps are no less effective compared to other soap varieties. You can rest assured that our Baby Wash Castile Soap will clean your little one just as effectively as any other baby soap, without the risks of irritating your baby’s skin or causing a panic if they accidentally ingest some. 

Benefits of Using Our Unscented Castile Soap Baby Wash

Why should you make the switch to our Castile Soap Baby Wash? Here’s a handful of reasons:

  • The soap is gentle and soothing for your baby’s skin. Anyone who’s had experience with infants knows that they tend to squirm and vocalize their displeasure without hesitation. In a lot of cases, babies just don’t like the harsh soaps they’re bathed with. But this castile soap is supremely gentle. In fact, the aloe and other gentle ingredients can soothe your baby as you give them a bath.
  • It’s versatile. You can use this baby wash soap to clean your little one, of course. But you can also use it for a variety of other cleaning tasks, such as washing their small bathtub or washing their toys and bottles. You don’t have to spend extra money on a specific baby-only soap, then purchase additional soap or cleansing products even for their little onesies--this soap cleans it all, naturally and without toxic ingredients. 
  • It’s eco-friendly. Many of us would love to do a little better in terms of our environmental consciousness and impact. But it’s often difficult, especially since lots of organic and all-natural products are expensive or come in small packages. This castile soap (and all of our other castile soaps) is much more affordable than a majority of other commercial soap products. Plus, you get 12 oz. of soap with your purchase, so a single bottle should stretch for quite a long time, even if you use it multi-purposefully!
  • Castile soap is also vegan. Thus, it’s a perfect soap for you and your baby if you want to raise them with a vegan lifestyle, or even if you’re just averse to the animal ingredients found in regular soaps. It’s hard for many people who want to avoid animal products to find acceptable alternatives, whether it’s for food or cleaning solutions. Castile soap is the perfect answer for that. 

Does Castile Soap Come with Possible Side Effects? 

While castile soap in general doesn’t come with the same risk for side effects as other soap products, this isn’t to say that side effects are impossible. Some people do happen to be allergic to plant oils, although this is quite rare. If your baby has sensitive skin, doing a patch test can help make sure they won’t have a negative reaction to the plant-based soap. 

And while you can use castile soap without having to worry about your dog or baby getting sick from ingesting a little, you should still make sure they don’t ingest a lot of it. 

Beyond those mild warnings, you generally don’t have to worry about side effects or negative reactions. Castile soap is widely used and appreciated for its safety!

Are Your Other Castile Soaps the Same as This Wash? 

They’re similar, but the Baby Wash features a few extra ingredients that put an emphasis on soothing sensations and baby-friendliness, such as aloe vera. You can, in theory, use any of our other castile soaps on your little one as well, but the baby wash is the best of the best in terms of ingredient composition and really being made for your baby’s delicate skin in particular. 

Additionally, unlike most of our other castile soaps, this soap also doesn’t have any added essential oil blends for fragrance--it’s scent-free aside from the natural plant smell that results from having a plant-based formula. 

Are All-Natural Products Better for Babies? 

The fact is that you can’t know what your baby will be allergic to until you try different things. But from others that want to be as safe as possible, it’s better to err on the side of caution and use all-natural soaps and other products because all-natural ingredients are less likely to cause an allergic reaction or even general irritation compared to chemicals synthesized in a lab.

Furthermore, all-natural products often feel and smell better for babies. Think of the industrial smell that surrounds many modern cleaning products. While most baby washes and soaps use supposedly baby-friendly fragrances (many of which are artificially formulated), these perfumes can be overwhelming for your baby and can cause skin irritation. 


It's totally natural to only want the best for your baby, and we're dedicated to providing you the tools you need to make that goal a reality. Our all-natural, plant-based castile soap is specially formulated for use with infants and young children, and we sincerely hope you'll give it a try.

If you’re looking for other plant-based care products for you and your baby, check out our Mama and Baby line, which includes a soothing all-natural lotion for the baby, and a salve specially formulated for nursing mothers.  


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