Green Goo Great Gift Ideas Guide

Green Goo Great Gift Ideas Guide

The Green Goo elves have been hard at work all winter, bundling great gift ideas and slashing prices to help make this season and your skin happy and bright. 

As the last shipping days before Christmas slide slowly by, we know we have one more good chance to offer you some fun, thoughtful ideas to help you finish off your list. 

So here are a few more merry ways to say, "Happy Holidays!" Anytime you're ready to save, just click on the nearest image and it should take you to our Great Gift Idea sale page.

Let’s start with Great Gifts for everyone on your list

With so many great options, there is surely a sanitizer or hand soap for everyone on your list and if you're looking to make a thoughtful charitable donation, hand sanitizer and soap are essential to most organizations throughout the holiday season and beyond!

All our Sanitizer is 50% off! 

We have great aromas to choose from, a variety of portable gel sanitizers, spray sanitizing options, and larger sizes with pumps. Don't forget the 3-pack and bundles! 

Hand sanitizer 50% off

Stock up now and save on simple, proven, pure hand sanitizer that's made with an FDA-compliant formula. It goes on smooth, never sticky, and it kills germs quickly and effectively.

Sanitizer makes a thoughtful, useful gift and there are plenty of sizes whether you want to sneak one into a stocking or wrap a bundle and put it under the tree. 

And we put our Gallon Liquid Soaps
(with 2 free 12oz bottles) on sale for $65.99

(Normally $87.89)

All the goodness of our plant-based soap in a new gallon size. 

Our Liquid soap is perfect as a hand soap, but did you know it’s also a great dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, stain remover, all-purpose cleaner, shower soap, body wash, and even pet shampoo!

Liquid soap sale

This great gift comes in a variety of pleasing aromas and we included two 12 oz bottles so that you can refill from the larger gallon jug, as needed. Save $20 on this bundle, this weekend only. 


Gift Ideas for the many different Goorus on your list

Our family has a lot of interests and we know yours does too. It’s not always easy to shop for every person. So here are some ideas we put together for the different loved ones on your list. 


For the climber or mechanic:

We bundled a chalk bag with a 1.82oz tin of Hand Goo Tin for $14.95. That’s basically a BOGO since each product is normally $14.95 on their own! Climbers will love our all-natural Hand Goo. It provides effective, plant-based relief for hard-working hands. Great for cuts, scrapes, pain relief and more. 

Hand goo deal

And our handy dandy chalk bag has a tough nylon blend on the outside, while the interior is polyester fleece lined. It includes an external pocket for your Green Goo travel tins, and comes with a drawstring to keep that chalk (or whatever you put in it) dry until you need it. 

Other Goorus who might like this gift: Artisans and craftspeople, gardeners, ranchers, athletes, builders, and anyone who relies on their hands every day.


For the runner or teacher:

We put together our chalk bag and a 1.82oz tin Foot Care for $14.95. Another great deal for 50% off! Teachers are going to fall for our proprietary blend of over a dozen healing herbs. Together they naturally protect, reduce irritation, and provide pain relief to help heal and soothe their feet. 

foot care deal

And we’re betting you could put all kinds of stuff in that chalk bag, like hall passes, actual pieces of chalk, or maybe little packets of electrolytes. 

Other Goorus who might like this gift: Hikers, climbers, cyclists, parents, waiters, bartenders, cashiers, and anyone else who works on their feet all day.


For the through walkers or nurses:

We created a mega-bundled with 1.82oz tins of both the Foot care and our Hand Goo and that handy multi use chalk bag, all for just $19.95. That’s a heck of a deal! Protect the hardest working folks on your list, from fingertips to toes with this amazing duo of salves for hands and feet. 

hand and foot care deal

Other Goorus who might like this gift: Tri-athletes, doctors, aid workers, construction workers, soldiers, extreme outdoors people, and anyone who is hard on their hands and feet regularly.


For the hiker or snuggly reader:

We paired our Tea Tumbler with a 1.82oz tin of Skin Repair for just $19.95. Hikers will appreciate Skin Repair as an after sun treatment It’s a nutrient-rich blend of aloe vera, vitamin E, and coconut oil that nourishes and moisturizes. It's also great for scarring, wrinkles, and minor burns.

tea tumbler and skin repair deal

And our double-walled, stainless steel thermos and brew set is the tumbler you’ll take everywhere, even if that’s only to the couch to read for a bit. With the included, removable infuser, you can make cold brews, hot teas, and spa water, all in a convenient, sturdy, and gorgeous 16 fl oz. container. Drinks stay cold for an amazing 20 hours and hot for 10!

Other Goorus who might like this gift: Moms and dads, campers, explorers, RVers, coffee and tea enthusiasts, those people who are always hydrated, and anyone interested in improving their nightly skincare routine.


For the beachcomber or ski bum:

We started with our Sunglasses and added our 1.82oz tin of Solar Goo for just $15.95. Eco conscious sun worshippers are going to appreciate our Solar Goo. It provides 40 minutes of moisturizing, water-resistant, broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection that’s petroleum free, chemical free, oxybenzone free, gluten free, and coral-reef safe -- all with only seven all-natural ingredients.

sun glasses and solar goo

And our fashionable sunglasses include the Green Goo logo, are made from 100% recycled polycarbonate, and have UV400 lenses that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. They’re available in the ever-popular two-toned Malibu, wood grain, or clear frames.

Other Goorus who might like this gift: Boat people, fishers, athletes, people going on vacation, and people who go outside when it’s bright. 


For the cook or gardener:

We bundled our stylish Apron and our First Aid 1.82oz tin and put them on sale for $19.95! Cooks and gardeners will use our portable multi-purpose First Aid salve every day. It’s your first defense for cuts, scrapes, blisters, sunburns, chafing, poison ivy, and the sting of insect bites. 

Apron and First Aid deal

And this simple, useful apron is a must have for any Green Goo fan. Craft or cook in style and protect your clothes at the same time. I’m adding this to my list right now.

Other Goorus who might like this gift: Backyard grillers, BBQ enthusiasts, artists, crafters, makers, and anyone who works with messy materials. 


So that’s our list. We think there’s something fun for everyone. While we were at it we added a few more of our previous sale items to our gift ideas page and don’t forget our sale page with great deals every day. 

Good luck with the rest of your planning and thank you for everything you have done to make this Season of Goodness special for us. Have a safe and happy holidays!

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