Mother's Day food ideas

Mother's Day food ideas – Green Goo

Around our house, the thing about asking Mom what she wants for breakfast in bed is that you might have to wake her up to ask. Also, sometimes Mom doesn’t want to make a decision. She just wants to be surprised and celebrated. There’s something so fun about conspiring to get up early, then prepping breakfast while trying to be super quiet. If you’re like us, then at the first sign of life you rush in with coffee and “Happy Mother’s Day!” Then go make entirely too much food and a giant mess.

Our typical Mother’s Day breakfast is a selection - fresh cut fruit, an egg or two, some sort of yummy bread, maybe some yogurt. We might add bacon or potatoes or cheese. Some years we’ve made pancakes or French toast. It's Mom. You know what she likes and as long as you do it with love, you can’t miss. If your mom is the type of person that likes to choose, then you probably know that sending one of the kids in as a waiter is beyond adorable. It’s also a good chance for the little one to steal a special moment with Mom.

Mother's Day food ideas – Green Goo

Our CEO, Jodi Scott, flips the whole experience: “Recently, I started bringing Kira (her daughter) breakfast on a tray every morning. It’s my special thing for her since I am busy all day working. I don’t care for breakfast in bed, but love a good hot tub soak and sitting on the back porch having tea time together!

It’s all about making memories. We like our traditions, but we also love a good idea, especially if it happens to be yummy. So we decided to look around for some new ideas for Mother’s Day foods to wow the moms in our house. Here’s what we found.

Not good at sneaking around or cooking quietly? Brit + Co has a list of 20 recipes that you can make the night before. The list kicks off with vegan cinnamon rolls and lemon scones! There’s also a French toast casserole that looks amazing and a waffle sausage casserole that actually made us drool a little. See the full list at:

This list of ideas from Country Living includes desserts and lunch and dinner ideas. There’s some heart-shaped donuts that are super cute and a Dogwood Punch that looks tasty. The winner on this list might be the Meyer Lemon Chamomile Suzette Crepes With Greek Yogurt. You can click through their gallery of ideas here:

Mother's Day food ideas – Green Goo

Last but not least, Good Housekeeping has a list that elevates the game a bit. If you like to cook and try new things, then this list might be the one for you. The recipes include a Twice-Baked Citrus-Almond Brioche, Lemon-Glazed Earl Grey Tea Bread, and Raspberry "Cheesecake" French Toast. See the rest of their list at:

What else? What did we miss? Do you all serve mimosas on Mother’s Day? Maybe you have an annual hike and picnic lunch? Let us know your favorite traditions in the comment section.

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