4 Epic Bath Salt Recipes to Soothe Your Senses and Calm Your Nerves

4 Epic Bath Salt Recipes to Soothe Your Senses and Calm Your Nerves

There are thousands of different bath salt recipes you can find on the Internet and lining grocery store shelves. But only the best bath salt recipes can truly provide the relaxation and soothing sensations you crave when you draw a hot bath and get ready to soak.

At Green Goo, we offer more than our awesome all-natural salves -- we also make a handful of epic bath salt recipes that can calm your nerves and soothe your senses. Plus, each of these bath salts is made with natural ingredients instead of synthetic chemicals. 

Let’s break down each of our bath salt recipes so you can find the perfect one for your next bath.

First, What is a Bath Salt?

There’s evidence that ancient cultures thousands of years old used their own version of bath salts commonly made from magnesium sulfate or sea salt.

Bath salts, regardless of their exact ingredients, all work in essentially the same way:

  • Bath salts are mixed into the water
  • The salts break down into their components (for example, magnesium and sulfate)
  • As the salts break down, the components can be absorbed into the skin

Benefits of Bath Salts

Here are just a few of the benefits that bath salts may be able to provide:

  • Soothing general muscle aches and stiffness, especially in conjunction with a hot bath
  • Providing aromatherapy, but only if the salts are infused with other ingredients
  • Exfoliating capabilities to scrub away dull skin and allow for deep nourishment

Our 4 Favorite Bath Salt Recipes

At Green Goo, we pride ourselves on producing a wide variety of all-natural products and soothing solutions for our customers. 

There are a few unique benefits you can experience with each salt, but in conjunction with soaking in a warm bath, all of the salts work for:

  • Calming nerves
  • Relieving soreness
  • Soothing senses
  • Improving circulation
  • Detoxifying the skin
  • Relaxing you while you soak
  • Serving as a foot bath

With such an enticing list of benefits in mind, let’s take a look at our four favorite bath salts.

Lavender + Bergamot

Our Lavender+ Bergamot Bath Salt is particularly popular with its aroma of floral and citrus notes that also carry a hint of spice. 

While many bath salts are either made primarily with either sea salt or Epsom salt, this bath salt uses both salt varieties in conjunction with lavender essential oil, citrus essential oil, and lavender flower powder. 

As you can see, that’s not a ton of ingredients -- we like to keep things simple, harnessing the power of plants for quality over quantity. Additionally, no Green Goo product ever includes harmful, synthetic chemicals like parabens or sulfates, which can cause skin irritation at the least.

The resulting bath salt is soothing physically and mentally, especially as it dissolves in the water, helping you to relax, breathe, and unwind. 

Lavender alone is known for promoting feelings of relaxation and calm, and its cleansing traits can work to support skin health, too. Now pair that with the comfort of a warm bath and you’ll practically melt away in relaxation and self-pampering.

Rosemary + Lemon

Our Rosemary + Lemon Bath Salt carries a fragrance profile significantly different from the Lavender + Bergamot salt. While it also includes both high mineral sea salt and Epsom salt, this salt blend is made with ginger root powder, sage essential oil, lemon essential oil, and rosemary leaf oil.

Ginger has tons of benefits for your skin, including soothing, calming, warming, toning, cleansing, and invigorating -- it’s a nourishment powerhouse with vitamins, minerals, fatty, acids, and essential oils to serve as a star player in these salts without overpowering that soothing lemony scent. 

Sage is another oil that works to support your skin, nourishing it with every soak.

All of these botanical beauties combine to create a complex yet light earthy fragrance, making for a mind-clearing scent that’s perfect for soaking in a tub at the end of a long day. Combined with mineral-rich Mediterranean Sea salts, these powerful plant-based ingredients can cleanse and revitalize while working to nourish your skin. 

Eucalyptus + Mint

Our Eucalyptus + Mint Bath Salts again uses high mineral sea salt and Epsom salt, and is also mixed with peppermint leaf extract, eucalyptus leaf oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, and rosemary oil. 

Cooling eucalyptus and peppermint help you breathe easy, making this bath salt combination a particularly great choice during cold and flu season when you’ll most likely need a relieving and revitalizing soak in the tub anyway. 

Both ingredients are also known to cleanse and calm skin in addition to adding some extra soothing power, making them a powerful duo in this ingredients list. 

Rose + Hibiscus

Last but not least is our Rose + Hibiscus Bath Salts. By mixing together -- you guessed it -- Epsom salt and high mineral sea salt with hibiscus flower powder and geranium oil, we’ve created a blend of particularly enticing aromas despite the recipe’s simplicity.

Rose and hibiscus can even set a romantic mood, on top of nourishing and hydrating skin to make it irresistibly soft and supple. 

Final Thoughts to Soak Up

While each of the above bath salts possess their own unique blend of ingredients and benefits, each blend is sure to deliver that soothing relaxation you’re seeking at the end of a long day. In fact, light a candle (and maybe include a glass of wine) while you let the salts soak into your skin and give it that nourishing hydration it deserves. For extra pampering, you can use the salts as a body scrub to help exfoliate away dullness and reveal a healthy glow. 

With plant-based ingredients that work hard to soothe you after you work hard, these bath salts belong on your bathroom shelf, ready to go when your aches and irritations need it the most. 

Check out all of our bath salts here, or you can go here for a better idea of how we use the power of plants to make the world just a little greener, and a little gooder. 






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