All-Natural Intimate Products: How Do They Work?

If you love all-natural intimate products, look no further! You treat the rest of the products in your household the same, avoiding harsh chemicals. Translate that same thinking into your intimate products for the ultimate self care!
All-Natural Intimate Products: How Do They Work?

Intimacy between two people is a healing act, and it is the most natural state there is. Nature has no place for synthetic materials, and that's why all-natural intimate products are so ideal.

Green Goo carries the products you need for your most tender moments made from ingredients that nurture and protect the skin.

It's in the Ingredients

To be most effective, intimate products should complement the natural chemistry of the body. A lot of lubricants contain parabens, petroleum, glycerin and even sugars. These can be harmful to our most delicate areas. Green Goo's Southern Butter Intimates line contains 100% natural ingredients; redefining oil-based intimates with a coconut oil base that mimics the body’s own oils. 


Soothing, cooling, and cleansing, plantain helps to protect the skin.


Comfrey is also a soothing and gentle agent for the skin. 


Contains beneficial flavonoids and salicylic acid. Widely used on hemorrhoids. 


Rich in antioxidants, calendula protects and hydrates skin.


Ginseng invigorates the skin and the sexual experience.


Cooling, calming, soothing, and relaxing, peppermint increases sensitivity.

Vitamin E

An antioxidant that is easily absorbed into the skin, vitamin E moisturizes, hydrates, and soothes.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil naturally hydrates and moisturizes by mimicking the body's own oils to promote healthy skin and a lavish glide. According to a 2014 study, coconut oil is proven as an effective and safe alternative for synthetic lubricants.

The Products

All of our intimate products are gluten-free and do not contain petroleum, parabens, mineral oil, silicone, lanolin, or any artificial ingredients.  In fact, most of the ingredients we use in our formulations are registered organic. By choosing plant-based, you can trust what you’re using during you and your partner’s most intimate moments. 

Our Southern Butter Intimates line includes:

  • Body Butter - In rose and lavender, sandalwood and cinnamon, and fragrance-free, our body butter revives and nourishes delicate tissues while increasing sensitivity and elasticity.
  • Massage Oil - Also scented in lavender and rose or cinnamon and sandalwood, Southern Butter massage oils nourish and invigorate with a soft and slippery touch. 
  • Backdoor Balm - This after-anal care soothes tender tissues and membrane tears.
  • Enhance Stimulating Care - A potent salve that is sensational as a clitoral and nipple stimulator.

Our line of intimate products emulates your body’s natural chemistry while using sound ingredients. Our butters revive and nourish delicate skin while increasing sensitivity. We owe it to ourselves, our partners, our relationships, and the planet to give all-natural intimate products a chance. Start with Green Goo intimates to see the difference for yourself. 

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