4 Must-Have Items for Your Summer Travel Bag

After a year of social distancing and with summer in full swing, nothing says “self-care” like a well-planned vacation, day hike, or getaway. After all, you owe it to yourself to see the world you’ve sheltered from for so long. As you work to map out your next adventure, here are a few must-have items to include in your summer travel bag, like a tea tumbler.
4 Must-Have Items for Your Summer Travel Bag

After a year of sheltering in place and with summer in full swing, nothing says “self-care” like a well-deserved getaway. From sunset cruises to outdoor adventures, finding time to break away and reconnect to nature is essential. Luckily there is a world of possibilities and products to complement your journey. Whether you’re exploring the boardwalk or taking in some new trails, here’s a list of must-have items for your summer travel bag.

Relax with Reef-Safe Sunscreen

When it comes to summer adventures, it’s hard to beat the tried-and-true surfside vacation. Not only are they family-friendly, with plenty of opportunities to come together for sandcastle contests, frisbee matches, and boogie-boarding, but they offer one of the best chances to invigorate your skin with some vitamin D. As you swim and soak up those summer rays, be sure to protect your skin with some reef-safe sunscreen. Look for a sunscreen featuring all-natural ingredients to let you enjoy your time in the water and do your part to keep nearby reefs happy, healthy, and chemical-free.

Hydrate with a Travel-Ready Tea Tumbler

Spending any amount of time in the sun is sure to make you thirsty, which is why your summer bag should always include a travel-ready tea tumbler for your hydration needs. Perfect for picnics, pick-me-ups, and every adventure in-between. You’ll love storing and brewing anything from cold brews, to hot teas, to pure and simple H2O. Enjoy more time in the water while your favorite brew stays cold for up to 20 hours, or warm yourself gradually with a hot tea that’ll keep its temperature for up to 10. Whether you’re reading by the pool or halfway through a new hike, you can stay hydrated on your own time and at your own pace.

Up Your Explorations with an Outdoor Adventure Kit

Speaking of hiking, it’s always a great idea to load your travel bag with an outdoor first aid and adventure kit. Your kit should be portable and include everything you need to fight the scrapes, cuts, burns, and blisters associated with summer activities. Look for natural, effective ingredients. Make sure your kit includes first aid and poison ivy treatments, bug spray, and sanitizer to complement your next picnic, backpacking trip, or visit to the park. Remember to look after the environment around you as you look after yourself. Pick products that feature natural ingredients and recyclable packaging, and remember not to leave anything behind.

Unwind with Spa-Quality Shampoos and Skincare

After all that adventuring and fun in the sun, your travel bag should include the essentials you need to treat yourself too. With just a few products you can take the spa with you! Rosemary shampoo, with a combination of coconut oil and hydrating botanicals is a great way to nourish and cleanse your hair and scalp. Bring an aloe vera cream and if you have the time and a big tub, why not take a bath with rose and hibiscus bath salts? They'll soothe and revitalize your skin while you wind down from your adventure.

Likewise, if your summer included a new tattoo, you owe it to your skin to treat it with the proper tattoo care. Made with an herbal infusion specifically designed to target the swelling and pain associated with a new tattoo, you’ll have the added benefit of seeing your colors remain vibrant for years to come.

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