Happy Renew Year! Whether you’ve moved, changed careers, found a new fitness routine, or just think resolutions are rubbish, you can always take a fresh look at the way you’re taking care of your body’s largest organ: your skin!

Green Goo’s versatile, all-purpose Castile Hand Soap is the first step to a cleaner body – with cleaner hands, of course! Using all-natural oils and aloe, Castile Soap is specially developed to cleanse, soothe, and moisturize. You can take one of the 2 oz. bottles from our 3-pack on the go, keep a 16 oz. bottle with pump in the kitchen or bathroom, and stash a gallon jug away for refills. With a range of scents and an unscented option, refresh the way you wash. Plus, they're all-purpose.

Hand Sanitizer isn’t going away, but the packaging should – that’s why we’ve sourced 100% recyclable, BPA-free, FDA-approved sugarcane for our new 3 oz. squeeze tubes. Still the same clean, effective hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol content, now with pure essential oils for lasting scents. Sugarcane is sustainable, renewable, and absorbs greenhouse gases where conventional petroleum-based packaging is not and does not.

Our brand new Toothpaste assortment is also available in sugarcane packaging. Our all-natural toothpastes are made with natural peppermint oil; help soothe gums, freshen breath, and promote good oral hygiene; and keep teeth bright and clean. Now try it with Chlorophyll and Hemp Seed Oil.

There’s more to explore with Green Goo, and we're excited to be with you on the ride.

Please review the product assortments below and notify your influencer rep, Serena, of your choice - or with any questions!

Collection 1: The Essentials

Everyday Essentials Travel Salves
Dry Skin (1.82 oz. Large Tin)
Free To Breathe (4 oz. Jar)
First Aid (.7 oz. Travel Tin)
Toothpaste with Peppermint (4 oz. Tube)
Toothpaste with Hemp Seed Oil (4 oz. Tube)
Castile Hand Soap 3-Pack
Castile Hand Soap - Lemongrass Zinger (16 oz. Bottle)
Unscented Hand Sanitizer (3 oz. Sugarcane Tube)
Lemon Zest Hand Sanitizer (3 oz. Sugarcane Tube)

Collection 2: Winter Body Care

Skin Repair (.6 oz. Jumbo Stick)
Dry Skin (.7 oz. Travel Tin)
Free To Breathe (1.82 oz. Large Tin)
Hand Goo (1.82 oz. Large Tin)
Face Wash (4 oz. Bottle)
Toothpaste with Peppermint (4 oz. Tube)
Toothpaste with Chlorophyll (4 oz. Tube)
Castile Hand Soap 3-Pack
Castile Hand Soap - Fresh Citrus (16 oz. Bottle)