Green Goo Gives to Sunset Shores

Green Goo Gives to Sunset Shores

Our next Green Goo donation for the Season of Goodness is to Sunset Shore Adult Day Health Center. We got to learn more about Sunset Shores through our partnership with Mike Adam (MikeAdamOnAir). If you don’t know Mike yet - he’s a radio, TV, and web host. He likes interviewing artists, and creating short, (hopefully) funny videos...  His mother lives at Sunset Shores, the program and facilities are amazing, and we couldn't be more happy to help. We're sending them 100 gallons of hand sanitizer this week! 

If you're new to the fun, each week until the end of 2020, Green Goo is going to donate gallons of hand sanitizer to organizations close to our hearts and to organizations you choose until we reach our goal of donating $100,000 worth of products. You can nominate a worthy organization by entering our Pay It Forward $500 Gift Basket Giveaway or, if you've already entered, you can stop by our website and nominate even more nurses, firefighters, or schools for the hand sanitizer giveaway!

About Sunset Shores

Sunset Shores offers a program of day services in order to assist your loved one to continue living independently. It is their philosophy that the elderly should remain an active and vital part of their community for as long as possible.  Sunset Shores assists each one of their clients to live as fully as possible independently while respecting each client’s dignity and right to free choice.About us, mission, vision etc. 

How to help them Spread Goodness

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