Green Goo Gives to the Sojourner Project

Green Goo Gives to the Sojourner Project

Our next Green Goo donation for the Season of Goodness is to Sojourner Project. We're sending them 8 gallons of hand sanitizer this week! 

If you're new to the fun, each week until the end of 2020, Green Goo is going to donate gallons of hand sanitizer to organizations close to our hearts and to organizations you choose until we reach our goal of donating $100,000 worth of products. You can nominate a worthy organization by entering our Pay It Forward $500 Gift Basket Giveaway or, if you've already entered, you can stop by our website and nominate even more nurses, firefighters, or schools for the hand sanitizer giveaway!

On to the donation!

We got to know the Sojourner Project thanks to the nomination of one of our $500 product giveaway winners, Rachael Bleymaier. Sojourner Shelter is a secure and confidential emergency residence for women and children who are unsafe in their homes due to violence & abuse. 

About the Sojourner Project

Sojourner’s mission is to provide emergency shelter, support, and legal advocacy services to those victimized by domestic violence and other forms of interpersonal violence. To that end, we provide services to victims of dating violence and sexual assault. Our ultimate goal encourages the change from crisis to stability and the transition from victim to survivor. 

How to help them Spread Goodness

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