Where to Buy A Gallon or More of Hand Sanitizer

Where to Buy A Gallon or More of Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is more valuable than ever before, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because hand sanitizer has disappeared from any store shelves, people are looking to purchase the stuff in bulk, for personal use, for offices and clinics, for schools and universities, and especially for small businesses. But locating a gallon or more of hand sanitizer can be quite difficult, especially since many stores don’t sell gallons of hand sanitizer by default anyway.

But at Green Goo, we’re prepared. 

We offer gallon-sized jugs of hand sanitizer, plus a bunch of other sanitizing products you can check out! 

Let’s break down where you can buy a gallon or more of hand sanitizer (spoiler: right here), and explore why you would do so in the first place.

How Does Hand Sanitizer Work? 

These days, it’s more important than ever for offices, hospitals, and even individuals to get their hands on plenty of hand sanitizer. But why is hand sanitizer important and why do you need so much of it? 

In a nutshell, hand sanitizer cleans your hands a little differently than hot water and soap does. 

According to the FDA, a hand sanitizer is any product that has ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, or benzalkonium chloride as an active ingredient. Any one of those ingredients will very rapidly kill the majority of germs and bacteria that it comes into contact with by stripping down their cell membranes and otherwise decomposing their organic components.

Hand sanitizers mix these active ingredients with other fluids to help dilute their effects and make them safe to use on human hands without causing too much dryness or rawness. 

Washing your hands with soap and water is more effective if you have access to it. Soap and hot water combined can eliminate practically all the germs or viruses that might stay on your hands. But hand sanitizer is a great alternative if you can’t get to hot water and soap, or if you need to sterilize your hands in a hurry.

Typical hand sanitizer products are up to 99% or so effective. While they can’t be guaranteed to kill all germs, they’re pretty close to a perfect, quick solution.

Why Would You Ever Need a Gallon or More of Hand Sanitizer?

While hand sanitizer is useful, needing a small bottle for personal use is a lot different than needing an entire gallon of the stuff.

However, even a small bottle of hand sanitizer will quickly be all used up if a lot of people take a small squirt every couple of minutes. We’ve all seen how quickly you can go through a bottle of hand sanitizer in a day. The more people you have using the same hand sanitizer source, the faster you will burn through that reservoir. For workplaces, especially medical centers like hospitals or clinics, this is all too common.

In fact, having plenty of hand sanitizer to go around is critical for any public-facing organization that values the safety and health of both their workers and their customers or clients. 

While individuals can buy a gallon at a time to help refill smaller containers at home, any enterprise or office that does business with the public will need much more than a single gallon to go around.

Using a gallon of hand sanitizer, you can fill up multiple smaller bottles or dispensers using the same source. This makes it less likely that any one dispenser will run out of hand sanitizer, and lowers the likelihood of germs being transmitted throughout a clinic or office. Additionally, the sustainability of refilling and reusing smaller containers is always a benefit. 

So, where can you find a great gallon of hand sanitizer?

Green Goo’s Hand Sanitizer

Green Goo’s Hand Sanitizer in and of itself is already a good choice because of its simple, proven composition, paired with its efficacy, and it also comes in a 1-gallon jug that you or your medical center can use. 

This gel hand sanitizer also features a pump top to make dispensing the sanitizer quick and easy, whether you want to put some in your own hands and use the jug as the main dispenser, or use it to refill multiple smaller dispensers.

The sanitizer in our 1-gallon jug can kill over 99% of germs quickly and effectively, and is made with 70% ethyl alcohol.

This 1-gallon jug is a perfect choice if you have a high-traffic area. The pump top also makes it ideal for easy dispensing in high use and high traffic areas like registers, counters, curbside pickup areas, entries and exits, hallways, docks, and much more!

As an added bonus, the product comes with free shipping since it’s over $50 – this makes it quite a great bargain both in terms of effectiveness and price. It’s one of the best hand sanitizers you can purchase in bulk, by far!

Does It Work As Well as Other Sanitizers? 

Absolutely. As mentioned, the formula is made with only natural ingredients, but is still compliant with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), maintaining the same potency and effectiveness as other hand sanitizer formulas. 

Alongside ethyl alcohol, the 1-gallon jug contains:

  • Aminoethyl propanol
  • Water
  • Carbomer

It’s ultimately quite a simple formula, and doesn’t contain too much of its astringent alcohol base that it runs the risk of drying out your hands or causing skin irritation.

Alternative Sources

You can also usually buy a gallon or more of hand sanitizer from most modern retailers or anywhere you can find cleaning supplies. This rules out many smaller grocery stores or pharmacies, as they may only have the small, pocket or purse-sized bottles of hand sanitizer available at the moment, and often have it at high prices. This is doubly true since those places were among the first to get ransacked by people looking to hoard hand sanitizer at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Look for larger supercenters like Target and the like to find larger quantities of hand sanitizer. Even then, your odds of getting as many jugs from them as you could from Green Goo aren’t great. With retailers hiking up the prices due to the current demand, it’s just a lot easier to click a couple of clicks and get a couple gallons of Green Goo Hand Sanitizer shipped free to your door than it is to load a bunch of gallons into your cart at a big box store, struggle with them through check out, and then lug them in and out of your car until they get to where they need to be. 

Can You Dilute Gallons of Hand Sanitizer? 

You can in a pinch, but it’s not recommended. Remember, the FDA only counts products as official hand sanitizer if they contain 60% or more of one of the above active alcohol-based ingredients. The alcohol is the key part, as it’s what’s responsible for deconstructing bacteria cells and viruses upon contact.

If you dilute a gallon jug of hand sanitizer too much, you’ll eventually make the alcohol content too diluted as well. It doesn’t matter if the resulting watery sanitizer smells appropriate or strong enough – it won’t be as effective as the real thing.

How Do You Correctly Apply Hand Sanitizer?

Contrary to popular belief, hand sanitizer does not need to be slathered all over your hands to be effective. A quarter-sized dollop of hand sanitizer should be enough per use. This should result in enough of the gel being dispensed that you can easily spread it over the surface of your hands and in between your fingers.

We understand the instinct to use a lot. Better safe than sorry, right? In this case however, more is not better. Generally speaking, if you have to wipe some off with a towel after you apply it, then you've used too much.

While it is important that your hands are saturated with the sanitizer, they don’t need to be dripping wet with it. 


We’d strongly recommend that any office, clinic, or other public-facing setting have at least one or two jugs of our 1-Gallon Hand Sanitizer. This hand sanitizer is among the most effective in the market and doesn’t use overly astringent alcohol bases that will dry out your hands or make your skin feel raw and irritated.

While you can pick up gallon jugs of sanitizer from major retailers, it’s just a lot easier to order it online from Green Goo and have it shipped for free straight to your door at a price and convenience that’s hard to beat. Our hand sanitizer is just as effective as any other hand sanitizer you can find.

Stay safe!





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