The Sierra Sage Sleep Secrets Gift Set

It was so much fun putting together this sleep kit. When used together as a routine, these amazing organic products will help you transition to a great night's sleep.
Green Goo's Sierra Sage Sleep Secrets Gift Set includes two facial serums, facial wash, sleep roll-on, pillow spray, and exclusive silk pillowcase, headband, and scrunchie from The Silk Lady in a high-end, GooRu enblazoned wooden box.


The Sierra Sage Sleep Secrets Gift Set. Inspired by our roots and founders, this unique selection of natural products makes nightly self-care a luxurious reality. Each product is made from the finest organic botanicals and oils; ingredients known the world over for their skin nourishing and adaptogenic properties.


It was so much fun putting together this sleep kit. Every detail has been poured over, every ingredient vetted; there were several versions tested and rejected. We made new salve friends, discovered some new plants, and finally agreed on a selection that goes above and beyond our expectations.

When used together, we think this kit is going to help you achieve happier, healthier, clearer skin on your face. When used as a routine, these amazing organic products will help you transition to a great night's sleep.

Our gift box includes a laser-engraved Green Goo GooRu logo, plus exclusive pillowcase, headband, and scrunchie from The Silk Lady. They are one of our new friends, A South African company that makes chemical-free silk scarves, masks, sheets, and more.

Inside the box you'll find our oil-based cleansing and moisturizing Facial Wash. It replenishes and nurtures your skin, leaving it clean and radiant without clogging your pores.

You'll also find two kinds of Facial Serum:
Our one-of-a-kind Hydrating Facial Serum is a combination of organic oils, like frankincense and rose, that nourishes and hydrates your skin, absorbs easily, and never leaves you feeling greasy. Our groundbreaking Repairing Facial Serum fortifies, nourishes, and helps repair damaged skin with targeted all-natural ingredients like jojoba and blue chamomile.

Next you'll find our brand new Sleep Roll-On. We've infused a calming, grounding, and relaxing blend of lavender, ylang ylang, and other essential oils to create the perfect mood for great sleep.

Speaking of brand new: introducing our new, kit-exclusive Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray. Sandalwood and lavender encourage relaxation, ease anxiety, and promote sleep adaptogenically.


Most of our days are pretty long and they don't usually end up the same way. Apparently, running a women-owned, family-operated all-natural skin care company that's trying to change the world doesn't happen on a regular schedule. Who knew?

So we're going to imagine a world where everything is done; the dishes are clean or the dishwasher is humming in the kitchen in the dark. All the kids have been washed and hugged. We read them a story or three and checked in on school and homework and friends.

We've had a second to canoodle our partners and chat about today and tomorrow. The weather is nice enough to open some windows while we check that the doors that need to be locked are secure.

Then we wander into the bathroom, tidy up just a bit, and light a candle. Maybe we take a bath or long shower. If so, there's singing and more than a few deep exhales. Let the day go. Breathe. Fortify.

Then our Sierra Sage Sleep Secret begins.

We start with cleansing our face with our oil-based Facial Wash. It's such a good cleanser; it moisturizes and it starts our aromatic journey with a blend of lavender, rosemary, and calendula. Don't forget you have that organic silk scrunchie to help keep your hair back without causing split ends.

Once our face is clean we take a moment; drop the towel, grab something comfortable to wear, maybe put on some all-natural deodorant. Then, once our skin has had a chance to settle, we look at ourselves, check our necks, our cheeks, and forehead. Still got it!

Depending on whether we need exceptional everyday moisturizing or some help repairing problem areas, we choose between the Hydrating Facial Serum or the Repairing Facial Serum. We apply a few drops to our fingers or palms and massage the organic, adaptogenic blend into our face for a few minutes. We love these serums, and both have such distinctive compositions and aromas. It's hard to choose some nights.

After that we finish up in the bathroom and head to bed where our Sleep Roll-On and Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray are waiting. If you're like us there's more moisturizing, and then we use the roll-on to do a quick swipe of our favorite pressure points, like wrists, feet, hands, and temples.

We're almost there! Just have to pull those blankets back; spray the bed and our pillowcase with a sleep-friendly trio of lavender, sandalwood, and ylang ylang; and dive in. SWEET DREAMS!


We're guessing that a few of you already knew that silk pillowcases are actually better for your face and your hair. Some of the Green Goo Crew were pretty surprised. It's soft and smooth, obviously, so it doesn't snag as much.

Mulberry silk has a pH that's similar to our skin, it doesn't absorb oil like cotton does, and it's hypoallergenic! It helps prevent your face from creasing as much and also helps prevent your hair from frizzing. Our partner, The Silk Lady, who made these pillowcases, has a page on the benefits and Healthline has some good info too.


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