The Surprising Effects Mint and Rosemary Have in Moisturizing Shampoo

The Surprising Effects Mint and Rosemary Have in Moisturizing Shampoo

Lots of folks use moisturizing shampoos in order to clean their hair regularly without stripping away healthy oils and drying out their scalp or their locks. Moisturizing shampoos can be just as effective as “regular” shampoos, but it all depends on the type and quality of ingredients used in a given bottle.

At Green Goo, we utilize a wide variety of natural ingredients in our unique hydrating shampoo formula, highlighting mint and rosemary as the all-star players. But what exactly is it about mint and rosemary that makes them such great moisturizing ingredients? Let's take a closer look at our moisturizing shampoo and the role that these two ingredients play.

What is Moisturizing Shampoo?

It’s exactly what it sounds like – shampoo that’s been formulated to include more moisturizing ingredients in addition to cleansing and revitalizing components. While moisturizing shampoo isn’t exactly the same thing as conditioner (and it shouldn’t be thought of as a direct replacement for it), it can help you clean your hair without stripping away natural healthy oils from your scalp and strands. 

Why use moisturizing shampoo? Because many people suffer from dry skin or dry hair whether they know it or not, and they need a shampoo that doesn’t take away the moisture they do manage to maintain. 

Without enough moisture:

  • Your skin can gradually dry out and become cracked or flaky – in fact, many people experience dandruff specifically because they have an overly dry scalp.
  • Your hair can become weak over time. Some people who experience overly dry hair often experience brittle hair or split ends. This can make it difficult to maintain beautiful, lustrous hair, and long hairstyles.
  • It’ll be hard to grow your hair. Hair needs enough moisture to maintain adequate oil levels. Otherwise, your hair won’t be strong or healthy enough to grow without breakage. 

A good moisturizing shampoo should avoid artificial or synthetic ingredients, in large part because things like sulfates and parabens are responsible for drying out the skin and hair and can cause a lot of avoidable irritation. This is one of the reasons why natural shampoos, made with all-natural ingredients, are better choices if you’re looking for a moisturizing shampoo you can rely on to actually soothe and nourish your scalp instead of irritating it. 

Green Goo’s Moisturizing Shampoo

What makes our Rosemary + Mint Shampoo so great?

In large part, this all-natural moisturizing shampoo does what it’s supposed to because of the plant-powered ingredients it takes advantage of. As the name suggests, we include plenty of rosemary and peppermint, both of which play key roles in soothing, cleansing, and nourishing your hair and scalp.

We also include lots of other naturally helpful ingredients, like aloe, coconut oil, argan oil, geranium oil, orange fruit peel oil, and many more. The resulting combination of botanically-based powerhouse ingredients can provide your hair with:

  • Tons of vitamins and minerals so it can grow long and strong
  • The cleansing it needs without drying it out 
  • Hydration to keep it moisturized and nourished for that sleek healthy shine

You’ll notice by taking a look at this moisturizing shampoo that it includes a lot of oils – the plant-based oils can give your hair the additional hydration it needs to stay healthy and strong. At the same time, the shampoo isn’t so oily that it will cause problems even if your hair is oilier than average.

We’d specifically recommend pairing this rosemary and mint hydrating shampoo with our Rosemary + Mint Conditioner. Like the shampoo, it’s packed with rosemary and peppermint oil, along with tons of other botanical ingredients like coconut oil to give your hair the nutrients it needs to thrive. 

The resulting combination of shampoo and conditioner can hydrate, nourish, and moisturize your hair, producing that enviable shine that only healthy hair can show off. 

Mint and Rosemary – Why Are They So Key?

What makes these two natural ingredients so worthwhile that we’d name the whole shampoo after them?


Let’s start with peppermint. Peppermint is a hybrid mint plant, and one of the most aromatic. It’s been used around the world for thousands of years. In fact, there’s evidence to suggest that it was used even as far back as 1000 BC by the ancient Egyptians.

For our purposes, peppermint oil contains lots of oils and nutrients that provide nourishment and hydration to the hair and skin. Peppermint contains vitamins, minerals, and other compounds called flavonoids and terpenoids. These types of phytonutrients (i.e. plant-based nutrients) can calm and soothe the skin while providing it with the nourishment it needs to be strong and healthy. 

The result? Peppermint oil goes a long way in soothing, calming, and cleansing your scalp, and a happy scalp makes for a lot happier hair! Plus, peppermint can do a good job of clearing away dirt and oil right at your hair follicles: the small pockets where individual hair strands grow from.

Don’t forget its excellent and reinvigorating fragrance. Including peppermint with our nourishing and moisturizing shampoo guarantees that it’ll smell great without smelling overwhelming.


Now let’s take a closer look at rosemary. It’s another particularly effective botanical ingredient that provides a really rich source of soothing antioxidant compounds. Antioxidants are important in that they can protect your skin and hair from harmful environmental pollutants and stressors – this makes your hair and skin stronger and more resistant to wear and tear.

Basically, while the peppermint oil can go a long way toward nourishing and moisturizing your hair, the rosemary helps to properly protect it (while also providing some amazing and complex nutrients of its own -- we aren’t kidding when we say that plant ingredients always come with bonuses!). 

Plus, rosemary also smells great, even if you combine it with a strong scent like peppermint. 

Other Ingredients

Of course, this isn’t to say that mint and rosemary are the only two ingredients you need for a great moisturizing shampoo. We also use plenty of other botanicals, like coconut oil and geranium oil, to add even more nourishing, moisturizing, hair-happy ingredients to the mix. 

Argan oil in particular is an ingredient you’ll see in a lot of hair care products along with aloe vera and orange fruit peel because if it’s awesome nourishing abilities.

It’s because of our formula’s complexity that it’s able to be so effective without using synthetic or artificial ingredients, like the majority of other shampoo products on the market. 


All in all, the benefits of mint and rosemary are what make them the hair-healthy namesakes of our Rosemary + Mint Shampoo and Conditioner. These herbs have been used for thousands of years for their benefits, so it’s not a huge shock that they do a good job when you mix them in with even more nourishing ingredients that only nature can provide. 

If you’re ready to dive into plant-based care, click here to check out all our botanical Personal Care products!


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