Less is More: 3 Tips for At-Home Haircuts

Cutting your hair from home may be an intimidating thought but we have a few ideas to help ease the stress! 
Less is More: 3 Tips for At-Home Haircuts

Cutting your hair from home may be an intimidating thought, but Green Goo has a few ideas to ease your stress if you want to try it. Wavy, fine, thick, curly, short, depending on your hair type there are different things you may want to keep in mind. In general, though, here are useful tips for everyone. 

Invest in Shears

Yes, crafting scissors will probably cut your hair. That being said, hairstylists use specific shears that are designed just for trimming hairs. You can easily order tools made for cutting hair online or find them in stores. A great pair of clippers goes a long way for short hair. Don’t forget a broom to sweep away all of those dead ends. 

Less is More

Instead of cutting off too much hair and then regretting it, snip slowly and methodically to prevent any accidents from happening. Hairstylists are typically experts at gauging how much "an inch off" is or what "just a trim" looks like, but they cut hair every day! Give yourself a lot of time and take it a bit at a time. Better safe than sorry, we always say!

Find a Partner

Being able to see the back of your head and how your progress is going can be difficult. Instead of cutting your hair alone, find a friend or family member that can help! Before you grab the scissors, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, then find someone to be your assistant and help determine if your trim is even or not. 

Green Goo's tips should help make your at-home haircut a success or at least a bit less stressful. Simply invest in shears, remember that less is more, and find a partner to help you! Need help picking the right haircut? Here’s

a list of some easy DIY haircuts to keep you looking stylish. If you are curious about all natural hair care products, visit Green Goo's website for more information! Let’s see your best (and worst) quarantine haircuts! Tag us on social media

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