The Best Night Cream for Men

The Best Night Cream for Men

Night cream is a regular part of many women’s skin care routines. But it’s also really important for men, who tend to suffer from dry skin and cracked skin much more frequently. Night cream can help to moisturize and reinvigorate the skin, as well as lead to younger-looking skin even as you get older. 

But, lots of men don’t know where to start when looking for a night cream or what ingredients they should be prioritizing and hunting down. 

What is Night Cream and What is It Used For?

"Night cream" is best understood as a type of skin care cream that you primarily wear at night (duh). While you can apply skin care cream during the day, chances are that a lot of it won’t be properly absorbed.

Skin care cream works by providing nourishing vitamins and moisturizing ingredients to your skin. The ingredients work together to seal in moisture and help nourish your skin, giving it back some of the hydration and nutrients it's lost throughout the day. The extra vitamins will help your skin repair itself and stay smooth and supple for much longer.

It’s a great idea to use skin care cream to keep your skin looking and feeling young for as long as possible. And, it’s almost always better to apply skin care cream during the night since:

Put simply: night cream is a type of skin care cream commonly used to boost your skin’s appearance and health. But men often need specific night creams with certain ingredients to achieve the best effect.

Why Do Men Need Moisturizers? 

You see, men have rougher skin on average compared to women due to the thickness of their skin and its unique composition.

Men can experience skin problems easily when they:

  • Participate in a lot of manual labor where sweat and dirt can dig into pores
  • Don’t have a skincare routine to help replenish skin health 
  • Spend a lot of time outdoors where environmental pollutants can get into pores

Night creams for men often need to have extra moisturizers, or at least be able to seal in existing moisture effectively. This is the only way to make sure that men’s skin can really take advantage of all the vitamins and minerals night creams typically include. 

But while you can find plenty of night creams in pharmacies and regular grocery stores, take care to take a look at the ingredient lists for those creams. Chances are plenty of them are packed with synthetic ingredients like parabens and sulfates, which are potentially toxic compounds used to preserve a lot of common products but also come with a lot of risks such as irritating your eyes and lungs or clogging and inflaming pores

All-Natural Night Moisturizers for Men

Ultimately, the best night creams for men will be made with all-natural ingredients. Why? Natural ingredients can provide the same benefits as synthetic ingredients and creams, like moisturization, nourishment, and regeneration, all without the potential for long-term health effects we described above.

Furthermore, all-natural night creams made with plant based ingredients are full of nourishing vitamins, antioxidants, flavonoids, and other phytonutrients that provide so much more benefit for your skin holistically. All in all, all-natural night creams are better choices, unless you have a specific skin condition where you need a prescribed medication.

What are the best all-natural night creams for men? We have two of them below.

Green Goo’s Skin Repair

Our Skin Repair Salve is a one-of-a-kind blend of high-powered botanicals and all-natural ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, and coconut oil. All of these ingredients blend to create a moisturizing and nourishing botanical solution that can improve the appearance of your skin and help to protect it from drying out over time.

Specifically, it’s a great choice for:

  • tackling scarring, wrinkles, and minor burns
  • as part of a nightly skin care routine
  • as a restorative balm to use after spending lots of time in the sun

Since Green Goo’s Skin Repair is full of vitamins and minerals, it’s a really good choice for men who don’t use other lotions or skin care products. It’s best to think of this as an all-in-one solution rather than a targeted dry skin repair salve.

Green Goo’s Dry Skin

We also have something perfect for men with dry skin during the day who want to nourish their skin during the night. Our Dry Skin Salve is the answer.

It’s such a good choice in large part due to its naturally hydrating ingredients, which include calendula flower oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, and beeswax. All of these ingredients combine to create a nourishing and moisturizing botanical salve that, when applied, can support your skin and help to prevent it from drying out, even if you have really dry skin most of the time. 

Furthermore, this whole body moisturizer can alleviate many of the symptoms associated with chronic skin conditions like eczema. Plus, you can easily apply this balm to any red bumps, dry or cracked skin, and even windburn -- it’s a multi-functional soother that helps calm dry, irritated skin. 

As you can see, it’s a natural skin salve designed almost perfectly for men and many of the symptoms they experience. You can also use this as a night cream – just apply a little bit every night before bed and your skin will absorb the moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, and be all the better for it.

Plus, both of these Green Goo salves smell good – their botanical ingredients make their scent vaguely herbal instead of oddly chemical.

Basics to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Aside from using night cream to help rejuvenate your skin, there are some additional skin-healthy basics that are easy to work into your day to day routine:

  • Wash your face regularly and before applying cream. It’s best practice to wash your face twice a day, preferably right before you apply your daily moisturizer or night cream. Try to find a wash that is suited for your skin type (oily, dry, sensitive, or combination). 
  • Use a thin layer of product. When applying night cream or anything else to your skin, don’t slather it on--only use as much as you need to spread it across your face. You don’t want it too thick. 
  • Wear sunblock. Whether in the form of a traditional sunblock or by using a day moisturizer with SPF, protecting your skin from overexposure to the sun is a huge way to support your skin’s health and help keep signs of aging at bay. 
  • Drink water. While water is crucial for your inner functions, it’s also needed to help keep your skin hydrated! The Institute of Medicine recommends at least 13 cups of fluids per day for the average male. 
  • Summary

    In the end, night cream is just as important for men as it is for women, especially because men can be a little more neglectful of it. Men don’t normally take enough care of their skin, putting them at greater risk for sun damage, dryness, and irritated skin. This all means that night cream should be first on the list for any man looking to take better care of his skin and maintain youthful-looking skin no matter what his age. 

    On that note, check out our other all-natural everyday skin care salves -- you just might find the missing piece to your skincare routine!


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