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Hi, GooRu! Let's have a look at this month's box!

Hand Goo

Green Goo's Hand Goo salve in an open tin


Need something to soothe hardworking hands? We formulated this salve for you. From overwashing to working with heavy machinery, going grocery shopping to pushing the swing set and wiping off woodchips, this one's a miracle worker.

If you're familiar with our salves (as we expect you to be as a GooRu!) then you recognize the consistency of our Hand Goo in the photo above. Oven though the nourishing, moisturizing feeling is unlike traditional lotions, a little does go a long way!


Free To Breathe Natural Decongestant

Green Goo's Free To Breathe decongestant salve held by female content creator

If you haven't already run out of the free Free To Breathe you received in the Welcome Kit, you're not using it in the ways you should daily! As seen in this photo, you have to take it with you when going for a stroll, hike, or to take in the sights no matter where you are. Your breathing passages will thank you, so stick it in your pocket.

In addition to the outdoor uses, nightly application will lead to better night's sleep. Under the nose or on the chest works great, and don't forget the bottoms of your feet to aid other issues--think about what you've heard about other vapor rub-type products.

Immunity + Defense Plants For Your Pits Herbal Natural Deodorant

Green Goo's Immunity + Defense Plants For Your Pits natural deodorant includes Reishi Mushrooms (immune friendly, adaptogenic, & rich in antioxidants), Siberian Fir (relaxing & soothing to skin), Cedarwood (defense for body & mood grounding), and Echinacea (defense for body & moisturizing for skin)

This natural deodorant is part of one of our newest product lines, and it is one of our favorites. Plants For Your Pits brings the idea of natural deodorants to a new level by incorporating adaptogenic herbs--Immunity + Defense includes Reishi Mushrooms, Siberian Fir, Cedarwood, and Echinacea.

Want to help us do even more? Help spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Our partners at Keep A Breast Foundation have plenty of resources, including an app that focuses on information, support, and, most importantly, access with self-check scheduling and direct connect to telehealth professionals.

Spread the word that we also donate $.05 of every natural deodorant purchase on GreenGoo.com to Keep A Breast!

Sweet Honey lip balm

Green Goo's Sweet Honey lip balm held by female content creator

Our lip balms are incomparable, and the Sweet Honey version, with its extra sun protection from the non-nano Zinc Oxide ingredient, is no exception. Its delicious flavor of honey and vanilla isn't overpowering and adds a little something to that morning coffee or tea.

Especially handy for the colder temperatures, this variant of our innovative plant-based lip balms is a skier's delight. Try it out on the slopes or during a snowball fight and let us know how many of your friends are jealous you don't experience any chapping.

Toothpaste with Hemp Seed Oil + Bamboo Toothbrush

Green Goo's Toothpaste with Hemp Seed Oil and branded Bamboo Toothbrush next to Toothpaste with Peppermint

Trust us when we say we smile for multiple reasons after using our natural toothpaste with real peppermint oil, and for even more reasons when we Spread that Goodness with our customers. For one (and several), we know they don't contain fluoride, saccharin, propylene glycol, and artificial ingredients and GMOs.

Hemp Seed Oil is rich in minerals, proteins, omega-3 and omega-6, and vitamins. We can link you to studies about how hemp may have bone-stimulant properties and could potentially help with improving gum health--which we just did. But hopefully you've already felt the difference for yourself if you received the July Box!

Another bamboo toothbrush is coming in this one, too. Can't forget to switch our your toothbrush at least once a month.

As the year comes closer to an end and we come upon our fifth monthly box, please know we're working on some exciting alterations to our Green GooRutine service. Hopefully this includes the ability to swap products in each box! Don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at info@greengoohelps.com if you can think of anything else we should explore.


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