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Your November GooRutine Reveal
With NEW! Plants For Your Face + Body

Hi, GooRu! This month's box is valued over $100 MSRP and filled with exciting new products we can't wait to share with you--if you haven't already acquired them during our ongoing 20% off sitewide promotion.

Plants For Your Face + Body
Hydrating Stick

Green Goo's new Plants For Your Face + Body all-over Hydrating Stick pictured next to essential oils in a bowl

From our newest all-natural product line – Plants For Your Face + Body – comes this hydrating all-over salve to complement everyone’s beauty and care routines. Featuring a blend of blue chamomile to relieve minor sunburns, scars & puffy eyes; rosehip seed oil to hydrate and protect overexposed skin from the sun’s effects; aloe vera and more. The handy stick form helps ration use—our salves do go a long way, after all.

Give this one a whirl and check out the full line for other skin issues like acne and eczema.


Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray

Green Goo's Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray laid out on silk pillowcase

Part of our Sierra Sage Sleep Secrets set, this grounding spray is the last thing you’ll use before turning off the lights for some shut-eye. The relaxing blend featuring soothing lavender, sedative-like ylang ylang, and calming sandalwood can be sprayed on your pajamas, pillow, and sheets. Try not to use it at the home office or around the kids during daylight hours unless a nap's scheduled!

Sleep Roll-On

Green Goo's Sleep Roll-On with cap removed laid out on silk pillowcase

Switch off with the Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray or combine the two for an unbeaten restful night’s sleep! You’ll get the extended effects of the essential oil blend with lavender, ylang ylang, and sandalwood in this roll-on. Just don’t neglect the morning’s alarm—or, if you’re one of those in sync with the sunrise, be sure to leave a crack in the window blinds!

Face Wash

Green Goo's oil-based Face Wash held to the camera by female content creator

Another necessary refill for you, our oil-based cleanser is especially nourishing during the colder months while skin’s been exposed to dryer irritants. The refreshing feeling of our Face Wash is boosted by the radiating effects of calendula-infused olive oil and vitamin E. Follow up with the new Hydrating Stick or Skin Repair.

Skin Repair (Large Tin)

Green Goo's Skin Repair salve in open large tin being warmed by female content creator

A new customer- and GooRu-favorite, our best-selling salve has everything you could want in a moisturizer for an ageless allure. In addition to its everyday uses, tackle the appearance of scarring and wrinkles as part of your nightly/daily routine.

Here’s what one of our newest GooRus had to say:
I rub this on my cuticles nightly and they have softened enough that they don’t tear easily or get paper cuts as bad.

Have you been sharing any of the GooRutine with friends? With the holidays approaching quicker than ever, we have created a few complementary sets perfect for gift-giving and Spreading Goodness! Check them out here—they are all 20% off just like everything on our site and include neat holiday-themed packaging.

Also please remember to let us know how your skincare routines have benefitted from the monthly subscription either by emailing us at info@greengoohelps.com or leaving a review here!


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