Welcome to your Green GooRutine

Your August GooRutine Reveal
Travel necessities, soap refill + more!

Hi, GooRu! Let's have a look at this month's box!

Lemongrass Zinger Castile Soap

Female content creator holds Green Goo's Lemongrass Zinger Castile Soap in a 16 oz. bottle with pump

Our multi-purpose liquid soap made with organic ingredients is a must for every sink and and tub and, as you may have learned with your Welcome Kit, even useful on the go with the proper container. We have more information on how to dilute the soap for various cleaning jobs here.

Nothing awakens the senses and puts the zing in your step quite like lemongrass. If you're familiar with our old foaming soaps, you know the Lemongrass Zinger scent is a fan favorite.

Everyday Essential Travel Salves

Our heroes--Dry Skin, First Aid, Pain Relief, and Skin Repair--in easy-to-carry tubes for the active and tidy. These are also perfect for those going Back To School (at any age!).

Hear CarePartnerPatti talk about the usefulness of this core four and see Jackafied fitting the Everyday Essential Travel Salves in the tiniest of pockets for a walk.

Clarity + Focus Plants For Your Pits Herbal Deodorant

Our new Plants For Your Pits deodorants have been a smashing hit for GooRus who've made the switch to natural deodorants--odor protection without aluminum and other potentially harmful ingredients. Pair natural deodorant with our clean castile soaps like the Lemongrass Zinger and you'll feel refreshed and ready to take on the day every day.

Not familiar with natural deodorants, or the differences between them and the sticks you may have grown accustomed to over the years? Here's a bit more about why you should ditch the aluminum- and paraben-laden traditionals.

Citrus Zest lip balm

Child holds Green Goo's Citrus Zest lip balm

If you received the Sweet Honey lip balm in the July Box last month, you'll have just about completed your Green Goo natural lip balm collection with the Citrus Zest this month. Kids love the orange flavor with this one, so you may be sharing it a bit until your next refill. Lush, fuller lips the whole year.

Toothpaste with Chlorophyll + Bamboo Toothbrush

Toothpaste made with real, natural peppermint oil and without fluoride is a commodity we cannot be without when maximizing the potential of a more natural lifestyle. Chlorophyll is rich in minerals and included here to help combat bad breath. Plus, it turns the toothpaste green(!) which couldn't be more on brand for us.

And, because we still have a few left, we're sending you another Bamboo Toothbrush. Remember: it's recommended you change toothbrushes every 30 days or so. Be sure you're taking care of those chompers.


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