A Season of Grit, Chapter 3

It didn’t feel right ending the Season of Grit series without checking back in with Stanley Gantz. Not only is he an inspiration, but meeting him was one of our most treasured memories of 2020.

I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Stanley through the Jimmy Kimmel Live show when we nominated him to be featured as one of the show’s weekly #HealthCareHeroes. If you missed the segment on the show, you can see the video here. He gets to meet Smokey Robinson. It was pretty great. I was particularly intrigued with Stanley’s incredibly infectious personality. He just radiates positivity and is such a blessing to all those around him. He constantly makes the choice to bring joy and spread goodness in the most authentic way.  What a great reminder that we can all stay true to who we are while remaining kind to those around us. Truly Stanley, you inspire me everyday - and love that smile!

Stanley Gantz

Jodi: Stanley, you were presented with challenging times during COVID working at the hospital, tell me about your journey.

Stanley: The journey has been hard, but I rose to the challenge. The pandemic hit, and as we learned more about it, we adapted our safety practices. We added masks and goggles as part of our uniform, and have become even more diligent with wiping down high touch areas like door knobs, elevators, handrails, etc.  

Jodi: What do you know now that makes you feel more whole after going through such a tough experience?

Stanley: It was scary, but we found out that we really are resilient people when we pull together and work as a team.

Jodi: What advice do you have for people, first responders, health care practitioners and those helping patients/families suffering from COVID? 

Stanley: Continue to be diligent and wear your mask, stay socially distant and wash your hands. This virus is no joke – everyone needs to take it seriously. 

Jodi: When you dig really deep, really really deep, what is it that you know that got you through these tough times that you know everyone has the ability to find within themselves?

Stanley: Prayer worked for me.

Jodi: What does “grit” mean to you?

Stanley: Grit means getting up and coming to work every day, and fighting the Covid!

Jodi: What does spreading goodness mean to you?

Stanley: Just being myself – I continue to walk the halls singing and spreading good cheer. It’s easy to get caught up in the negativity of the pandemic, but I refuse to let it get me down.

About Stanley 

My name is Stanley Gantz and I am a maintenance housekeeper at a hospital. I have worked there for 10 years, and I love it! 

I enjoy singing, fishing, hiking and watching the San Francisco 49ers. I have been married to Claudia for 25 years, I have a son and daughter, three grandchildren and two dogs.


In the spirit of the Pay it Forward campaign, Jodi also asked Stanley to nominate an organization or group that he's close to, and he nominated his hospital in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Water Street Mission.

We're going to spread some goodness together by reaching out, saying thank you, and sending them some hand sanitizer to help keep their team safe.

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