A Season of Memories

A Season of Memories

This week’s Season of Goodness entry is from Kira. Kira is a lot of things to a lot of people here at Sierra Sage. She is the daughter of our CEO Jodi, and our VP of Strategic Operations Kelly. She’s niece and granddaughter to the other founders. She’s a duck whisperer, a sky dancer, and a quick learner if you need help. She’s my buddy… I think. Let’s just say she tolerates me and leave it at that. 

Having watched her grow up in bits and pieces I can tell you Kira is funny, insanely smart, curious, and quick-witted. She has a natural eye for design and fashion and her personal sense of style is thoughtful, adventurous, and on fleek! Did I mention that she’s in grade school? 

I’m guessing that she doesn’t have too many memories from before Sierra Sage and Green Goo. Her entire life, her whole family has been giving their hope and sweat to this amazing mission. It must have been an exciting way to grow up - watching your whole tribe trying to do good and maybe get a slice of the American Dream. I think, in a lot of ways she’s been a grounding force for the family while they’ve been on this adventure - a reminder of the reason for the mission and the vision and the dream. 

I called Kira’s entry a Season of Memories, because it starts with a bittersweet Halloween memory from over a year ago… but then more memories come and more and before she’s done she has tied those memories together to introduce us to someone special who helps her smile and helps her remember.

One more thing. At her age, sharing a story like this is quite brave. I didn’t say brave earlier, but Kira is definitely that too!

Without further ado:

Someone special
By Kira Scott

     On the day of Halloween 1 year ago my costume was a dead cheerleader, we were going to go trick or treating but my great grandma Mimi passed away, cause of that i only went trick or treating for about 1 hour, usually i would go trick or treating for about 3 hours. I was really sad cause Mimi passed away and i had to go trick or treating for a shorter period of time. At first I did not cry but when they took her body away my eyes were like a waterfall. I thought to myself “why did this happen” but then i realized everything is meant to be.

      After going trick or treating we went to Mimi's house and I fell asleep on the floor in her room watching her favorite movie. At midnight my cousin Pya came to see us. She flew all the way from Hawaii, Pya has siblings but they did not come. We sat on the inside steps up to the second story of the house and ate candy, then we went to my house and sorted my candy in my living room, Pya got the chocolate and I had the processed sugar. Before we went to bed we got all the candy we did not like and put it in a bowl for the switch witch, the switch witch is a witch that comes to your house at night and takes your candy and gives you a toy but we got money. then we went to bed in my room. 

     About 2 years before Mimi passed away she had two dogs one named Terra Bella and the other named Rascal, they are siblings, Rascal is a boy and Terra is a girl. Terra and Rascal are Maltese dogs. Mimi could not take care of Terra  anymore cause Terra barked, spun in circles, and ran around the room. She knew who to give the dog to, Kira her great granddaughter always dog sat Terra Bella so Mimi knew to give Terra Bella to me. When Mimi passed away my great aunt Sharon got to keep rascal. Rascal is calm and so is Sharon. 

     With Halloween coming up i will be thinking of Mimi. I think Mimi knew these dogs were the perfect match for us. Terra is my best friend and rascal is Sharon's best friend. Me and Terra love to play chase with my hand and cuddle, Sharon loves to cuddle and play with dog toys together with Rascal. I can’t sleep without Terra, she is my cuddle buddy.

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