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Animal First Aid
Cleand and dry the affected area. Apply as needed until skin looks healthy again.

Animal Pain Relief
Apply generously to the site of the bruise, soreness, arthritic pain, etc. Reapply as needed up to three times a day.

Bugs Be Gone
Spray on your skin to repel bugs or spray on after a bite to relieve skin. A couple spritzes in the air deodorizes and a few sprays in your hands is great for a quick clean.

Use Animal First Aid to help temporarily relieve symptoms associated with:
• Frostbite • Cuts • Scrapes • Blisters • Abrasions • Irritations • Rashes • Cracked Paws • Dry Noses • Insect Bites •

Use Animal Pain Relief to help temporarily relieve symptoms associated with:
• Arthritis • Sore Muscles • Joint Pain • Bumps • Bruises • Sprains • Strains •

Our award-winning Bugs Be Gone can be used to • Repel Bugs • Relieve Bug Bites • Deodorize •

Plants With Purpose

Arnica is a topical analgesic
Calendula prevents dryness + moisturizes skin
Comfrey protects + coats skin from irritants
Ginger is warming + soothing



All of our herbs and oils are purposefully selected and slow-infused to provide the most potent and pure products possible.
Good for You
Good for the Planet

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