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Poultry First Aid
Clean and dry affected area. Apply as needed until area looks healthy again.

Poultry Respiratory Care
Rub a small portion under the bird's beak, wings, legs, and combs. Reapply as needed.

Bugs Be Gone
Spray on your skin to repel bugs or spray on after a bite to relieve skin. A couple spritzes in the air deodorizes and a few sprays in your hands is great for a quick clean.

Use Poultry First Aid to help temporarily relieve symptoms associated with:
• Cuts • Scrapes • Blisters • Rashes • Abrasions • Pecking Sores • Itching • Prolapsed Vent • Frostbite • Beaks • Combs and Wattles • Bumblefoot •

Use Poultry Respiratory Care to help temporarily relieve symptoms associated with:
• Colds • Coughs • Roup • Respiratory Issues • Congestion • Scaly Legs •

Our award-winning Bugs Be Gone can be used to • Repel Bugs • Relieve Bug Bites • Deodorize •

Plants With Purpose

Calendula prevents dryness + moisturizes skin
Comfrey protects + coats skin from irritants
Eucalyptus helps with congestion
Yarrow is an astringent



All of our herbs and oils are purposefully selected and slow-infused to provide the most potent and pure products possible.
Good for You
Good for the Planet

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