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Your September GooRutine Reveal
Nourish, moisturize + elevate the senses!

Hi, GooRu! Let's have a look at this month's box!

Tea + Tree & Peppermint Bar Soap

Green Goo's Shave & Shampoo Bar Soap


Our bar soaps are made using organic oils, and do way more than clean. The special formulations balance, hydrate, and smell great. The Shave & Shampoo Bar provides a fresh cooling sensation while soothing your scalp and helping clear away buildup on hair. Perfect for everyday body washes in addition to shaving.


Dry Skin Whole-Body Moisturizer (Large Tin)

Green Goo's Dry Skin moisturizing salve held by female content creator

Our Dry Skin's a must-have in most climates and at just about any time of the year. Think about the drying effects of swimming in a chlorine pool; taking in a windy walk with the pup; roughhousing in fresh-cut grass; even driving with the windows down. Cleanse with that Green Goo castile soap you have on hand and follow up with Dry Skin. Of course, if you suffer from extreme skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, we're proud to say this salve has been shown to help offer relief.

While a little goes a long way with our salves, you may follow members of our own Green GooRu Crew in setting up a separate individual subscription for this one. And of course it smells great, too!

Bugs Be Gone

Female content creator in a tent with Green Goo's award-winning Bugs Be Gone spray

If you're adventurous like us, our Bugs Be Gone repellent is one of the first things thrown into the pack when heading into the great outdoors. It's also great in the yard for play time for all ages, and don't forget its deodorizer uses where some scents and fragrances need to be masked . . .

No DEET, citronella, or synthetic chemicals--only organic essential oils in this award-winning repellent.

Cool Mint lip balm

Green Goo's Cool Mint lip balm amongst mint leaves

Here's a refill from the Welcome Kit you received to kick off your GooRutine subscription. If you're not quite finished with that first tube, no worries! Keep this one at the office or in a back-up bag, or Spread Goodness like us and share the stick with someone who needs their lips nourished, moisturized, and feeling softer, silkier, and fuller!

Toothpaste with Peppermint

Showcase those pearly whites and stave off the end-of-summer blues with natural toothpaste that tastes great, leaves your teeth bright and clean, and helps facilitate healthy oral hygiene. No fluoride or other toxic chemicals in a sustainable sugarcane squeeze tube that's 100% recyclable and absorbs greenhouse gases. Plenty to smile about!

We'd love to hear how the Green GooRutine has made you feel this summer. All-natural alternatives to traditional dailies have always given us a boost, and we're hoping our subscription offering has done the same for you. Let us know via email at info@greengoohelps.com!


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