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Your December GooRutine Reveal

Hi, GooRu! Another calendar year is coming to an end and the December GooRutine Box marks the last one of 2022. We're excited for what the future -- and this box valued at over $75! -- holds. Without further ado, here's what's coming to subscribers:

Foot Care (Large Tin) + Green Goo Socks

Green Goo's Foot Care salve in open large tin in the foreground with Green Goo socks worn on model's feet

From trudging through feet (no pun intended!) of snow to hours-long shopping mall trips, it's a must to take care of your paws. With our best-selling Foot Care salve, you don't have to favor one foot in front of the other -- slather some on the puppers before bed and wake up with smooth skin ready to take on another full day.

We won't blame you for hanging one or both of our GooRu socks on the mantle later this month, just as we'd understand if you wanted to show off your sock-less feet! But our branded socks are seriously comfortable, stylish, and will provide a bit of warmth, too. Another wonderful gift idea if you're still looking 👀


Dry Skin (Jumbo Skin)

Green Goo's Dry Skin salve pictured in available sizes of 4 oz. jar, 1.82 oz. large tin, and .6 oz. jumbo stick

How much more is there to say about our whole-body moisturizer? Here are a few words from satisfied customer Kathy:

"My daughter recently had a severe breakout of eczema. She's been using this dry skin salve for 3 days now and the results are amazing."

Not only is our Dry Skin salve useful before and after those blistery winter days, it's also a powerful reliever of chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Just ask those at Johns Hopkins Medicine! Our 6 oz. jumbo stick lasts longer than you'd think and is useful as on-the-go applicator while out and about.

Everyday Essential Travel Salves

Green Goo's Everyday Essential Travel Salves featuring Dry Skin, First Aid, Pain Relief, Skin Repair salves in holiday packaging

Speaking of being on the go -- and of our Dry Skin salve -- the Everyday Essential Travel Salves four-pack has everything you and your loved ones need to keep your skin hydrated, protected, and nourished wherever you go. Moisturize with the aforementioned Dry Skin, help quickly heal cuts and scratches (and relieve itching from bug bites and the like) with First Aid, get rid of puffy eyes with Skin Repair, and ease aches and soreness with Pain Relief. *Packaging may vary

Castile Soap Trio Pack

Green Goo's Castile Soap trio pack with 2 oz. bottles of Double Mint, Lavender, and Unscented bottles with holiday packaging

More pocket- and bag-ready goodness comes in the form of our 2 oz. Castile soaps. Count on versatile, effective cleaning that also goes a long way; refer to our handy dilution chart to get the most out of Castile. Hopefully you had a bottle on hand for the post-Halloween clean-up, and maybe you'll have enough to stick a bottle in a stocking! *Packaging may vary

We hope your holiday season is full of all sorts of goodness! We're still spreading some by offering free shipping on orders to the contiguous U.S. through December 14. Stay tuned to our newsletters for more news on donations and good works in our community.

And if you've gifted the GooRutine subscription to someone, be sure to share this link with them!


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