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Do it naturally!

Southern Butter Massage Oils will leave your skin looking and feeling radiant from head to toe and all points in between! Our unique infusion of calendula and organic skin-enriching oils hydrate, nourish, and invigorate your skin for a smooth, soft, and slippery touch. Enhance the mood or simply relax with our two signature formulas. Get intimate with Green Goo.

Sandalwood + Cinnamon: This spicy blend of sandalwood and cinnamon naturally arouses desire.

Rose + Lavender: This floral blend of rose and lavender awakens your spirit while it relaxes your body.

Does not Contain: Petroleum, Mineral Oil, Parabens, or Silicone. Gluten Free.

*Olive Oil, *Sunflower Oil, *Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, *Calendula Flowers, and Essential Oils.

Sandalwood + Cinnamon contains Essential Oils of Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Patchouli.

Rose + Lavender contains Essential Oils of Rose, Geranium, Rose Absolute, and Lavender.

Dispense a few pumps of our massage oil into your hands, warm by rubbing hands together, then rub in to skin. Repeat as often as you can.

Relaxing, invigorating, or sensual massage

Plants With Purpose

Enriched with Jojoba Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower + Vitamin E


All of our herbs and oils are purposefully selected and slow-infused to provide the most potent and pure products possible.

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