Keeping Your Backyard Flock Healthy the Natural Way

Raising a small backyard flock of chickens is becoming popular. Make sure you keep them healthy!
Keeping Your Backyard Flock Healthy the Natural Way

The sound of backyard poultry is becoming more common in neighborhoods across the country. The soft clucking of contented hens and the occasional triumphant proclamation of a freshly laid egg are as familiar as dogs barking. 


Raising a small backyard flock is quickly becoming a popular hobby. The incomparable flavor of freshly laid eggs is a big part of the attraction. However, there are other reasons why chickens are becoming so popular as backyard pets. 

  • Each hen will consume approximately 9 pounds of kitchen waste in a month. They love potato and carrot peels, melon rinds, apple cores, and just about any other produce scraps.
  • They'll turn that food into nitrogen-rich fertilizer that makes great compost!
  • Chickens are great at pest and weed control. They love hunting for grubs, worms, and especially grasshoppers. 
  • Watching busy hens is both entertaining and relaxing. Their slightly ungainly antics often border on the comical. Watching them is also calming and helps relieve stress.


As poultry keepers, you have an obligation to your birds to keep them healthy. Here are some tips on how to maintain a healthy flock:

  • Give them adequate space
  • Keep them dry
  • Feed them well
  • Protect them from predators
  • Keep diseases away.
  • Keep them clean

Fortunately, for the bird lover, we have several all-natural products that can help with that!

  • Dilute highly concentrated Poultry Castile Wash and use it to clean the pen, coop, feeders, and waterers. This multi-purpose cleaner is also great for cleaning eggs and even washing birds that have managed to get themselves in a state of disarray. 
  • Keep annoying pests away from your birds with a few spritzes of Bugs Be Gone. You can also use it to quickly clean off eggs during your collection, and it sure smells better than your clucking friends. 
  • Did you know that chickens can cough and sneeze? Well, they can, and there's a treatment for that! Poultry Respiratory Care blends nine natural medicinal oils into a soothing treatment for a hen with a cough or cold (roup). 
  • Just like other pets, a hen can occasionally get injured. It might be a scratch from a loose wire on the pen, a scrape, or even an angry peck from another hen. However the injury happened, Poultry First Aid is the cure. This homeopathic remedy is rich in healing herbs like calendula, comfrey, and many others. It can even protect those beautiful combs from frostbite!
  • If you’re looking for additional resources on caring for your flock, visit this site for more tips and tricks! 

Our 100% all-natural, botanical-based Poultry Collection contains everything you'll need to handle everyday injuries and illnesses. Enjoy your hens (and those fresh eggs!) knowing that you're taking great care of them naturally.

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