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Foaming Hand Soap - Fresh Citrus

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Wet hands with warm running water. Dispense soap onto hands. Lather by rubbing hands together. Scrub for at least 20 seconds (say the alphabet twice). Rinse your hands, and dry.

Once you run out of the Fresh Citrus Foaming Soap, make more using our Fresh Citrus Castile Soap. Just add one part water to one part Castile. Mix it up in the container and voila--more foaming hand soap!

• Natural Hand Wash • Kitchen • Bath • Camper • Cabin • Barn • Work •

Plants With Purpose

Enriched with Aloe Vera, Citrus, Jojoba Seed Oil + Vitamin E


All of our herbs and oils are purposefully selected and slow-infused to provide the most potent and pure products possible.
Good for You
Good for the Planet

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