Green Goo Gives to Cambridge Women's Center

Green Goo Gives to Cambridge Women's Center

Our next Green Goo donation for the Season of Goodness is to Cambridge Women's Center. We're sending them 5 gallons of hand sanitizer this week! 

If you're new to the fun, each week until the end of 2020, Green Goo is going to donate gallons of hand sanitizer to organizations close to our hearts and to organizations you choose until we reach our goal of donating $100,000 worth of products. You can nominate a worthy organization by entering our Pay It Forward $500 Gift Basket Giveaway or, if you've already entered, you can stop by our website and nominate even more nurses, firefighters, or schools for the hand sanitizer giveaway!

On to the donation!

I’ll just be honest. I have no idea how we found out about this incredible organization. Founded in 1971, the Cambridge Women’s Center is the oldest community-based center for women in the United States. It provides an amazing array of services for women in need, but the real story may be how the center makes them feel; safe, heard, empowered, and loved. 

About Cambridge Women's Center

The Cambridge Women's Center provides a supportive community space for all women by offering opportunities for empowerment, learning, healing, trauma support, and understanding.

They offer a Drop-in day center program, In-person and telephone helpline, Informational resources on housing, employment, legal services and more. They also provide free classes, workshops, and groups as well as material assistance, including free food, clothing and Computer Lab access.

How to help them Spread Goodness

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