The Green Goo Holiday Gift Guide

Imagine the most adventurous person in your life. Now, the most pet-loving person. Now the most athletic, or the expecting future mother, or the romantic couple.

Did you know there are Green Goo products that would make great gifts for each of these people, and others, too?

We think about all these people, all the time. They are our friends and our family, our inspiration and our joy. 

And as we think about these people in our lives, we ask ourselves: how can we help them? What products can we make that will make their lives better? 

We now have a full list of products for each of these people, which doubles as a great gift list for every person in your life!

The Adventurer

Product: Green Goo First Aid

Adventurers are always thinking about the next thrill -- and they often forget to think about themselves. But to make the most of that next trip, you need to take care of your self, both body and mind. Green Goo First Aid is an ideal gift to help the adventurer in your life take care of their body. Whether it’s bumps, bruises, or scrapes, adventures will never be healthier.

The Pet Lover

Product: Green Goo Fur and Feathers

When it comes to caring for a pet, the obvious is easy: you need to feed them, make sure they get exercise, make sure they have a comfortable spot to sleep, etc. What’s less obvious is how to take care of their bodies. Your pet’s body takes a lot of action! Make sure you’re helping them get the best with Green Goo Fur and Feathers -- perfect for the pet or pet lover in your life.

The Expecting or New Mom

Product: Green Goo Mama and Baby

Moms and babies go through incredible transformations together. From the womb to birth to post-birth, both mom and baby need to be constantly cared for to ensure a healthy pregnancy and life post-pregnancy. Green Goo Mama and Baby products have you covered from pregnancy through to your final term and afterwards, and they will help make your baby’s first days, months, and years in this world as healthy as possible. Ideal for a mom or baby at any stage.

The Athlete

Product: Green Goo Deodorant

Athletes run, push, pull, jump, row, lunge, squat -- the list goes on. One thing they also inevitably do? Sweat, and then stink. When thinking about an athlete in your life, you may think it’s strange to gift them deodorant. What if it sends the wrong message? That could certainly be the case if you were to gift them over-the-counter, run-of-the-mill deodorant. But Green Goo Deodorant is different. It smells better than other products and its activity-activated scents help keep the athlete feeling mentally clean and clear at the same time that it keeps their body smelling clean and clear.

The Self-Care Enthusiast

Product: Green Goo Skin Care

There’s almost always someone you can think of who exemplifies self-care. Whether they are prioritizing sleep over plans or making healthy recipes, you can bet they would appreciate getting a new, natural skin care product to try. That product is Green Goo Skin Care, an all-purpose addition to any self-care enthusiast’s arsenal.

The Romantic Couple

Product: Green Goo Southern Butter Intimates

If you and your partner like to introduce all-natural products to your romance, Green Goo Southern Butter Intimates is a great gift. Our line of options will help satisfy any desire, and you will be able to enjoy the moment all the more given the all-natural ingredient list we pride ourselves on.

The Outdoor Enthusiast

Product: Green Goo Sunblock

Sunblock is a hot topic these days. Some people say it’s bad for you because it has chemicals, while others say you need it or you’ll get skin cancer. One thing is for sure: whichever camp you’re in, you can appreciate the all-natural, non-harmful ingredients in Green Goo Sunblock -- and the fact that it actually rubs in.

The Tattoo’er

Product: Green Goo Tattoo Care

Caring for a tattoo doesn’t have to be limited to Aquaphor. It can be more natural, and not to mention more pleasant, with Green Goo Tattoo Care. Anyone who gets a tattoo and is interested in natural products is bound to search for a natural alternative to Aquaphor. Now you can give it to them!

The Traveler

Product: Green Goo Travel Packs

Know someone who’s on-the-go so often they only buy products in 3oz containers or smaller? Or know someone passionate about natural body care who’s traveling soon? Green Goo Travel Packs are the ideal gift for them. Sized within TSA’s regulations and made of the same all-natural ingredients that make Green Goo products great, the traveler in your life will be ecstatic to replace their store-bin-bought mass-produced minis with these!