The Benefits of Switching to a Natural Deodorant

Benefits of Switching to Natural Deodorant | Organic Antiperspirants – Green Goo

There are plenty of reasons to take the time to make truly good choices for your life and your body. Health-conscious decisions can certainly include nourishing our bodies with the right foods, exercising regularly to maintain strength, or simply taking restful breaks when needed. But they can also include the products we select in caring for our bodies. 

For this reason, many have started the journey towards more natural, wholesome, and beneficial body care products like natural deodorant into their everyday routines. Green Goo’s deodorants are made for those who choose “good” and “nature” as priorities. We’re sharing some of the benefits of switching to a natural deodorant below. 

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The Problem with Conventional Deodorants

For many of us, deodorants and antiperspirants are a necessary part of getting through yoga sessions, hectic work days, and even that occasional nervous sweat. Life happens. Deodorants often do us a solid. 

Unfortunately, conventional deodorants and antiperspirants aren’t always made with the finest, most skin-friendly ingredients. In fact, it’s probably not news to you that many contain harmful chemicals and toxins. Let’s talk about some of the most common among these ingredients:

  • Aluminum
  • Parabens
  • Synthetic fragrances
Aluminum negatively impacts your body

As the name would imply, antiperspirants are designed to block your body’s ability to sweat. While that may seem like a welcomed attribute, there’s actually a very good reason why we should celebrate our sweat. For starters, hard work doesn’t come without sweat.

why natural deodorant is better

Seriously, though, our bodies are simply remarkable. They have the ability to fight off illness and infection, and they are capable of ridding us of harmful toxins that can pose serious health risks. One way they accomplish this monumental feat is by simply sweating. While many feel that sweating is gross or unsightly, it’s an important process for your overall health. 

Effectively, antiperspirants negatively impact your body’s natural cycle. Aluminum is the key ingredient that keeps your sweat under the surface. Found in most conventional deodorants and antiperspirants, aluminum actually closes up your pores. As a result, sweat and the stuff your body is trying to flush out tend to build up underneath the surface and can result in issues down the road. 

If you have irritated armpits, definitely consider making the switch to a more natural deodorant. 


That miracle roll-on that keeps us smelling nice and feeling dry may have ingredients that are carcinogenic. Parabens are primarily used to extend the shelf life of beauty products like deodorants. They’re easily absorbed into the skin. Most alarmingly, parabens have been shown to disrupt estrogen levels, which is linked to a whole host of potentially serious issues. 

Further, harsh or harmful chemicals are probably not what you would choose to put on your body. Body care, we believe, should incorporate happy, wholesome, and effective all-natural ingredients. 

Synthetic Fragrances

Lastly, the synthetic fragrances used in most conventional deodorants can cause severe reactions, especially for those with sensitive skin. Synthetic scents are made from petrochemicals, and some studies suggest they’re as dangerous as secondhand smoke. We just don’t get this practice, especially considering that nature contains so many beautiful scents that, with a little work, can be used safely and effectively. 

That being said, why wouldn’t you rock a clean, natural fragrance? Mother nature wasn’t intended to be duplicated in synthetic form. Truly, there’s no earthly reason to not utilize what has been made available to us by bees, seeds, water, and sun. 

Why you should choose all-natural deodorants

Protecting yourself from harmful ingredients is important! Green Goo creates organic natural deodorants that are petroleum-free and devoid of chemicals. We strongly support your decision to choose not only what’s right for our planet, but what’s best for your body, too. 

There are many benefits to switching to all natural deodorant. While commercial deodorants work hard to keep you dry and smelling nice, they ultimately block the body’s ability to just be. 

Natural Deodorant Ingredients and How They Work

Natural deodorants allow you to sweat without stinking. Additionally, natural deodorants work to change the pH balance in your body so your armpits and other sweat points are bacteria-free and smelling divine.

Plus, did you know your skin is your body’s largest organ? Arguably the most perfect, too. Conventional deodorants actually alter your skin’s system. When it does so, it can intensify body odor and at the same time negatively impact your immune system. Did you get that? Your conventional deodorant may actually make you sweat more. 

Unlike conventional deodorants, natural deodorants rebalance your system. They do not halt sweat. Again, sweat is a necessary process to rid your body of toxins. What they do is minimize unpleasant body odor and enhance your body’s naturally pleasant scent.

Green Goo Products

No two people are built exactly the same. For this reason, we understand that finding body care products like deodorants that are just right for you takes time and patience. 


Our deodorants contain no aluminum, baking soda, or synthetic propylene glycol. Green Goo scents come from natural herbs and other ingredients like lemongrass & sage, lavender, and wild rose. We combined these wonderful plants with others like aloe, hops, calendula, and arrowroot to feed your skin and keep you fresh.

Baking Soda-Free

If you are looking for a product that will keep you feeling fresh without potentially harmful ingredients like aluminum and baking soda, then Green Goo’s Lavender, a baking soda-free deodorant gel, may be just what you want. This water-based product contains propylene glycol from a vegetable base, the juice of the aloe leaf, hops, calendula, sunflower, and lemongrass. There is no aluminum, parabens, or phthalates in this gluten-free product.

Unscented Options

If you have scent aversions, Green Goo’s solid deodorants come in unscented varieties. Green Goo’s All Natural Unscented deodorant contains no aluminum or baking soda. Simply apply a swipe or two of this product. It is gentle but effective. Our unscented deodorant contains magnesium hydroxide, calendula, sesame seed oil, and arrowroot to keep you feeling and smelling fresh. It also includes calendula, coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax.

Green Goo natural deodorants do not contain petroleum, aluminum, parabens, phthalates, synthetic propylene glycol, baking soda, or mineral oil.

Gel or Solid?

The body odor you fear when you sweat is not actually caused by yourself. It's bacteria that live on your skin. This bacteria feeds on fats found in sweat and that’s where that unpleasant odor originates.

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When combatting that bacteria, almost everyone has a preference for gel or solid. Actually, the one that is best is the one that neutralizes bacteria and eliminates odor most effectively. It comes down to what works for you. The ingredients in both forms make your skin less appealing to bacteria. Which works better? Only you can decide. It’s a matter of how gel or solid responds to your unique bacteria.

Green Goo's "Keep a Breast Foundation" Support

When you purchase a deodorant product with Green Goo, you’re simultaneously supporting our partnership with The Keep A Breast Foundation. Launched 19 years ago, this foundation has worked tirelessly to promote breast health awareness and education. Another of its aims is to help breast cancer survivors rise above the stigma of breast loss. Keep A Breast is now one of the largest youth-related cancer prevention foundations in the country.

Green Goo works with Keep A Breast to promote self-examination. Forty percent of breast cancers are self-detected and we are working to increase this percentage and to promote early detection. With early detection, 98 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer remain cancer-free after five years.

Over 300,000 American women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually. By donating five cents of every dollar earned in Green Goo deodorant sales, Green Goo commits to supporting those families that are impacted by breast cancer. 

Along with our campaign for environmentally friendly, toxin-free ingredients in our natural deodorants, Green Goo encourages simple, preventative measures like healthy eating habits, moderate ongoing exercise, fresh air, and plenty of water.

Check out our collection of natural deodorants . Our gel deodorants provide excellent odor protection with a smooth glide, while our solids are free of aluminum and baking soda.
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