Step Up Your CrossFit Performance with These Natural Products

CrossFit is hard on the body. The rewards are great, but to push yourself and stay in the game, one thing is for sure: self care is important.

There are a couple different things to think about when talking about self care for crossfitters. Namely, the hands and feet, the skin, and we can’t forget the smells.

Caring for Your Hands and Feet

Hands and feet are central to crossfit. From barbell work to box jumps, they are key tools in almost every movement. So, it’s important to keep them healthy.

Many people think moisturizing and using hand balms will make their hands more soft, and thus more likely to tear. This is not the case. Proper hand care, which includes moisturization, will make the hands more supple and actually less prone to tearing. A tear in the palm usually happens from a buildup of tissue, or a callus, which is thicker than other areas of skin. The imbalance in skin thickness causes the tear. By taking care of your skin and treating it daily, you can help promote even growth and you can take calluses down to size before they turn into tears.

As for your feet, they’re don’t face the same hardships as your hands. They’re not going to tear on your 10th Toes-to-Bar. They will, however, be subjected to hours of sweaty shoes and countless impacts. Treat your feet right with a foot balm, which will help the skin on your feet. As you apply the balm, get massage-y with it. Knead the bottom of your foot with your thumb and get a two-for-one benefit: moisturized skin and a foot massage. For real though, your feet do so much for you. Almost every movement impacts the feet, which means your feet impact almost every movement--that is to say, a healthier foot will lead to a better performance.

Body Smells And What to Do About Them

Now, on to a hot topic: the stink of a well worked body. CrossFit pushes you hard, and it will leave you with a scent to prove it, unless you take precautions beforehand. Deodorant is your friend here. What makes things difficult is the natural-minded approach many CrossFitters have toward the products they use. Many people are not sold on the aluminum-containing deodorant of our department stores, and struggle to find a product they rely on and trust.

This is where Green Goo comes in, and in a perfect way: with all-natural, great smelling deodorant. All it takes is one roll of the stick to see (or smell) that this is a match made in stinky CrossFit heaven.

General Skincare Best Practices for Crossfitters

Then, of course, you have the general skincare that goes along with wrestling a barbell for an hour. Between cleans, muscle ups, rowing, and more, your body takes a beating. Bruises, scrapes, and abrasions are part of the CrossFit experience, and treating these skin ailments can be as simple as a healing salve.

Check out our full line of organic and natural salves here. In particular, you may want to check out the first aid salve, which has a combination of herbs designed to bring you relief and aid in recovery.