Spring is Here -- Get Set Up for Summer’s Skincare Routines

Gearing up for warmer months means more than just getting kitted for your favorite sport.

It also means making sure you have all the body care product that will make your summer sunburn and bug bite free!

Spring, a Time For Testers

Spring is a great time for tester products. You don’t need to commit to a full new bottle or product line, and you don’t yet need to rely on bug spray or sunscreen every single day like you do in the middle of the summer. This means you can get away with having a number of different 1oz sunscreens, or you can use just on sample bottle for a week or two.

Testing products yourself is a great way to be sure you’re using the product that works best for you. This will help you get out more--nothing is worse than wanting to go spend a day on the river but knowing the black flies will be so oppressive you won’t enjoy yourself.

Summer is when we start to use screens and sprays more heavily, so by testing in the spring we are setting ourselves up for a great summer.

There are a number of different products to try. For bruises, arnica and healing salves. For sun, sunscreen, and for bugs, bug spray.

It’s all straightforward -- just get what you think you’ll use most!

Check out our full line of products here, and be sure to get a couple small travel items to use as testers before summer is upon us.

Tip: If you get a Travel Pack, you're getting several different testers for one common purpose. For instance, if you get the Outdoor Travel Pack, you get First Aid, Pain Relief, Deodorant, and Spray.

See all Travel Packs here

Don’t break the bank on a product you don’t yet trust! Get some testers this spring and get set up for summer.