Spring Is Here! 5 Fresh Tips For Summer Outside

Goodbye clouds, hello sunshine!

As spring gets into full swing, nature starts putting on a grand show, and the outdoors are getting ever more tempting.

Here are five fresh tips to take advantage of the early warming weather.

1. Get Nutritious at the Local Farmer's Market

Your local farmers market will be teeming with ripe seasonal produce, making it the perfect time to learn how to cook on an outdoor grill, meat and cheese have never tasted better!

2. Embrace an Outdoor Exercise Habit

It’s time to shake off the lethargy of winter and start an easy exercise routine to get your muscles moving again. Summer outdoors means feeling the sand between your toes as you run on the beach. Not just once, but every morning! Get outside to rediscover the joy of movement and how good it feels just to be.

3. Explore Every Joy that Comes With Warm Weather

Take full advantage of the warmer days this summer, go swimming, read a book in the garden, build a BBQ, go hiking, biking, or on a trip to somewhere deep in nature, just to watch the beauty unfold.

4. Keep it Fresh!

If it heats up a little too much, don’t despair, just grab some Pit Goo natural deodorant, and embrace the sweat. Pit Goo is free of all the bad stuff normally found in deodorants and antiperspirants, so you can put your conscience to rest while you do anything but. Remember that sweating during exercise is a good thing, and the shower afterwards will feel all the better, so it’s worth dealing with a little healthy discomfort in the sun. 

5. Prepare for Bugs

As the weather warms up, so do biting insects. They start prepping for their biggest season, but never fear, Green Goo’s Bugs Be Gone is designed to make sure than none of your balmy evenings are ruined by any renegade mosquitos. It’s available as part of the Outdoor Travel Pack, which also includes skin care and pain relief balms, just in case you do get bitten.

So, there are no more excuses not to get outside and enjoy the spring as it turns into summer. With a little preparation, and a few Green Goo supplies, you can enjoy every last second of the sun, before all too soon its gone again. Make the most of the warm weather and head outside.