The Glampeur’s Guide to Sex Outdoors: Summer Fun

When, Where, How - Stay Cool & Sexy During the Hottest Months of the Year

Summertime, and adventuring is easy. Days are long, the sun is shining, water heats up, and so do we. I feel sexy in June, July, August; I wear as little as possible, and spend as much time outdoors as possible. But sometimes when it’s too hot out, having sex isn’t appealing. Here are some tips to stay cool and inspired for outdoor lovemaking whether your backpacking, glamping, paddling or a mix of all of these.


Early evening, sunrise or the dead of the night when everyone else has gone to bed—all are good times for good lovin’. Don’t limit yourself except, perhaps, during the hottest times of the day between 10a.m. and 4p.m., when direct sunlight will just burn your bum and fire up your tent like a BBQ grill. Sweaty sex is fun, but heat stroke is not. But if you do find yourself horny during the day, think water…


I don’t like flirting or getting it on when I feel gross, but water can refresh and reset. After your finished with long morning of wandering the wilderness, enjoy the last few hours of late afternoon by jumping into a mountain lake, river or stream. It’ll cool and wash you off, preparing you for what’s to come. If you’re trying to seduce a new lover, taking all your clothes off will give her/him the right idea and a look at your honed adventurer’s physique, but won’t be too obviously forward; after all, who’s going to jump in a lake fully clothed? If you’re already established sweethearts, lie on a hot rock and lean in for the kiss. Sexy! 

Definitely have sex on a beach. Take a break on one of the dozens of small beaches while canoeing in the Boundary Waters, or visit that secluded cove somewhere on Mexico’s vast shoreline. Sand is heavenly, softer than dirt or gravel, and ocean or lake waves lapping the shoreline, while the moon reflects in the current is ridiculously romantic. But don’t get lost in the moment on a flimsy towel or directly on the beach, lest you suffer the consequences (and a period of abstinence) when sand abrades your vagina. Ouch! And be sure to wash all the sweat and dirt of the day off. As well, when around salt water, bring lube

But, remember, when women have sex in the water, it washes away their natural lube and can dry them out. A lack of lube also makes ladies vulnerable to micro-abrasions that might, for example, sting in salt water and/or cause future problems. As well, micro-abrasions make you more susceptible to STDs, so use that condom (they do work in water that is safe to swim in, though water-induced dryness can break them). Also remember, if you’re having sex in a public pool or hot tub, be aware of caustic disinfectants like chlorine that can irritate the vagina or skew its pH and subsequently lead to bacterial vaginosis or other problems. In fact, just avoid this scenario entirely and stick to dry ground; who knows how many other people have had sex in that same tub. Yuck.

What to Bring?

Massage oils are fine in certain environments, specifically if you’re glamping in your vehicle, a clean teepee, or elsewhere where water and washing up are ready options. However, in the summertime, if you’re planning to sex it up al fresco, deep in the desert or at warmer times of the year, consider using a water-based lubricant instead of the oil-based lubes that will collect more dust and will feel stickier in the heat. Check out Green Goo’s Bliss on-Water Based Intimate 4.5oz-Peppermint & Ginseng. Or consider fragrance-free lube, especially if there are bears or other animals around that might be attracted to strong smells.

Bring a spray bottle filled with cool water and an essential oil of your choice (eucalyptus or mint oils are super refreshing for hot days). Spray it on your lover’s naked body and allow the light summer breeze to cool her/him off. If you don’t have a spray bottle, just wet a towel and add essential oils. That’ll make the tent or van smell awesome, and you can use it to cool off and then clean up afterwards.

As mentioned in the previous post, bring lip balm to soothe lips burnt and cracked from the sun (Kiss-On Sensual Lip Balm is a nice option); have water available so you don’t get dehydrated; and always bring fragrance and chemical-free baby wipes to freshen up before and after sex.

Finally, put all your accessories into a small tote or easily-identifiable stuff sack, and don’t worry about losing the smallest items in the pile of dirty clothes and shoes inside your tent! Green Goo Recycled Rice Bags with waterproof interiors are perfect.

Final Word—Be Considerate:

Remember, if you’re around other people, no matter how buzzed you are from that last bottle of good wine, be quiet. There’s nothing more annoying than that drunk couple loudly and obnoxiously getting it on at the neighboring campsite.

For more tips and tricks, see the first Glampeur’s Guide to Sex Outdoors. And stay tuned for more articles on the subject.