Infusions vs. Extracts: The Green Goo Advantage

Our Processes Take Longer, But Are More Potent  

At Green Goo, we believe we have the best skincare products on the market today, not only because of the ingredients we use, but also because of the processes. 

We start with herbs carefully sourced from local and/or organic farmers. Using the highest-quality ingredients from the start sets the tone for the entire product-making process. This helps us stand apart from the rest. But we don't stop at high-quality ingredients; it's what comes next that really solidifies our products as the best. 

Here’s what we don’t do: take pre-made extracts and blend them with our organic oils.

We don’t believe in only using one or two qualities of a plant or herb. We want to use the entire thing. That’s why we make infusions rather than extracts.

Instead, we infuse our fresh and dried herbs into our organic oils. The process takes longer, but the result is worth it. Infusion makes our products even more potent, which takes the healing qualities to the next level. The medical value of our products are increased and subsequently can be more effective.

At the end of the day, infusing our products with the highest quality ingredients just feels right. If you want to be the best, you need to make the best. And it helps that the best can help you feel so good, too!