Happy Days Farm - Two Chicken Keepers Answer, "Why Go Natural?"

A Q&A With New Green Goo Ambassadors Brittany May & Penny Ausley

Did you know the same all natural and eco-friendly Green Goo products that you trust, love and use on your body and your entire family also works for pets and farm animals?

Happy Days Farm is a hobby farm in North Carolina, owned and operated by Penny Ausley and Brittany May. They raise chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl, and rabbits, in addition to gardens. They have been using Green Goo First Aid with their animals for five years, especially to protect the combs of their roosters and hens and to treat any injuries they may have. We recently invited them to join our ambassador team because we love what they’re doing. Check out our Q&A with these ladies below.

Green Goo: Brittany, how did you get involved with farming and natural chicken keeping?
Happy Days FarmPenny and I have always loved animals, and Penny had always wanted to keep chickens. When she moved to the country, she had enough room to start building a coop. It sort of blossomed from there. As for the natural part, we have both always loved growing and using herbs. Once we had chickens we decided to incorporate that into their lives as well. Keeping them healthy naturally is important to us. We will, of course, use medications if we need to, or they are prescribed by a vet. But our first line of defense is natural choices. Building their immune systems is the most important step to help ward off sicknesses. 

GG: When and why Happy Days Farm? 
HDF: Happy Days Farm, as the blog and social channels, began slowly a few weeks after we started building the coop. We wanted to keep a record, and blogging definitely was a great way to do that. Plus, as we learned new things, the blog and social channels gave us an outlet to help others. Why ‘Happy Days Farm?’ Because being happy is a choice, not necessarily something that just happens. We try to choose happy daily, even when it is hard. 

GG: Why natural chicken keeping?
HDF: We prefer chemical-free. We worry about treating animals like rabbits or cats with creams because they tend to ingest products we groom them with. For poultry specific issues, we use Green Goo to prevent and treat frostbite, heal bumblefoot, and treat any trauma injuries such as peck wounds, broken feather shafts, and even just simple scrapes.

GG: In what ways have you seen natural chicken keeping progress in the United States? 
HDF: Chicken keeping, as a whole, has really exploded in the US. Luckily it coincided with the return to the ‘organic’ lifestyle. People learning more about the foods they eat really inspired a lot of people to keep chickens as a way to provide eggs and sometimes meat to their families that hadn’t been filed with chemicals and antibiotics. Others were reacting to the horrid conditions that occur in many factory farming scenarios that have been made public. Whatever the reason for the return to chicken keeping, we think it is a great way to help people connect with the foods that they are eating. Keeping chickens is really a gateway to the farm life, even on a small scale. 

GG: What inspires you about working with animals?
HDF: Animals are trusting. They trust you to care for them, to feed them, to keep them clean and dry. It is honest, hard work that you have to do daily. It doesn’t matter if you are sick, or it is raining, or snowing, or 100 degrees outside. They need you, and the connection that you nurture is so unique. They do their best everyday, and they trust that you will too. 

GG: What are the three most important things you want to impart to Green Goo’s fans and followers about natural chicken/animal keeping?
HDF: Keeping your animals healthy and happy should be your initial goal. If you are raising them to eat, or raising them to eat their eggs or drink their milk, it is important to remember that what goes into them, goes into you. Meaning good quality food, fresh clean water, and natural remedies should be the first line of defense. 

Sometimes, you do everything right and something happens. If you have done your best, researched how to raise them, and protected them to the best of your abilities, don’t remain discouraged, try again. 

Whether it is chickens, turkeys, rabbits, or your pet dog or cat, once you have added them to your farm/family they are your responsibility. Just because you get tired or frustrated doesn’t mean that you can allow them to suffer the consequences. Using natural products like Green Goo allows us to prevent a lot of issues that cause frustration as far as their health concerns go. We always suggest thinking long and hard and doing research before starting on a chicken keeping journey, or adopting any new animal. They depend on you to do the right thing every single day.

GG: Anything I’m not asking that you want to share with me?
HDF: These same natural products work with livestock and household pets. The product helps to heal scratches and wounds plus it will soothe itchy spots. Our animals react really well to the products and heal very quickly. In addition to the Animal First Aid we also use the Pain Relief Arnica Salve, Poison Ivy Care, Free To Breathe, Dry Skin Care, deodorant and Sunblock on the farm.

To learn more about Happy Days Farm and peak inside their beautiful farm you can visit their website or follow them on Instagram. To read other articles in our farm and natural chicken keeping series, please click here.