Green Goo Sponsors Antarctic Expedition for Students

Junior Scientists Research Sea Ice, Climate, & Conditions

“Green Goo sponsored our expedition with enough salve for everyone on the Icebreaker, from the science team to the captain to the cooks to the engineers, and everyone raved about it!” ~Dr. Sharon Stammerjohn, Senior Research Associate at the University of Colorado’s Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research

In 2017, Green Goo sponsored the Nathaniel B. Palmer (NBP) 2017 Antarctic Expedition, where Junior Scientists joined a group of scientists on a research expedition studying Antarctic sea ice, climate, and conditions. The expedition lasted two months, from April through early June, and participants explored the Ross Sea, Antarctica.

This was the third expedition of this kind, following 2007 and 2010 expeditions. The first expedition served as a platform for students to use first-hand research experiences, which were then incorporated into their academic work; the second gave both Mexican and US students continued experience in real-time scientific research.

On the third expedition, which happened most recently, 39 scientists and staff spent 65 days on “The Palmer,” a 308 foot long, ice-classed ABS-A2 boat, capable of breaking three feet of level ice at three knots. If you want to learn more about their adventures, check out their blog.

Also, check out the creative spoof of a newspaper rag that the participants created during their research cruise. Fun stuff, and brought to you by Green Goo ;)